Iran Tour packagesPackage IDNo. of DaysPrice
Essence of Iran (1)#18 Days1030$
Essence of Iran (2)#29 Days960$
Explore Persia#312 Days1300$
Iran At Large#416 Days1680$
North Of Iran#511 Days1420$


Iran Tours 2021 & 2022

Iran Tour packages Price:

Iran Tours 2021 & 2022: We, Iran Tourismer, are an Iran-based tour operator; On this page, we have offered you a range of our Best Iran Tours along with the Iran Tour Packages prices & details for your convenience. Surely, Iran is a mysterious holiday destination for many tourist, making it somehow difficult to decide on an Iran Tour Package, how, when and how long an Iran tour to secure for a vacation in Iran.

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Essence of Iran (1)

9 Days | 6 Cultural Cities 1 Village | Desert Experience | 1 Workshop

 Package ID: #1

Price ~ 1030$

Essence of Iran (2)

9 Days | 7 Cultural Cities 1 Villages | Desert Experience 1 Workshops

  Package ID: #2

 Price ~ 960$

Explore Persia 

13 Days | 8 Cultural Cities | 2 Villages | Desert Experience | 1 or 2 Workshops 

 Package ID: #3

 Price 1450$

Iran At Large 

16 Days | 10 Cultural Cities | 2 Villages | Desert Experience  2 Workshops

  Package ID: #4

 Price ~1660$

North Of Iran

11 Days | 10 Cultural Cities | 2 Villages | Nature Experience | 1 Workshops 

 Package ID: #5 

 Price 1420$

join the trip of Visiting persia


Optional visits to workshops of Persian Carpet and Persian Pottery as part of your hands-on experience of Iranian culture and heritage

Professional guides

Highly experienced and self-driven tour guides who commit to their duty out of love and loyalty, who you can readily trust your safety and joyful quest of Iran to.

Customized Tours

Tailor-made itinerary for your personal taste. Where and which cities or attractions (natural/cultural/…) you do not wish to miss on your experience of Iran.

Fair Package Price

No third party interest is involved. Prices are offered directly from us as the service provider to you as the customer, because no intermediary agent joins us together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Iran Tour Packages 2021 & 2022

If you have already made your decision which Iran Tour Package you wish to purchase, you can make your request here: Request an Iran Tour Package

Should you need further details or any sort of recommendations from us before choosing your Iran Tour Package, we are at your constant service to answer your enquiries, via:

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Yes. Our Iran Tour Packages are flexible and can be customized upon your request. Our priority is to offer tailor-made Iran Travel Packages according to clients’ taste and preference. Individual or small-group Iran Tour Packages are specially flexible. For example:

  • omitting a certain city to have a shorter vacation or replacing it by another city or region.
  • visiting nomads or ethnic groups of Iran during the tours to Iran or have a visit of certain natural attractions like salt lakes, deserts, spas, etc.
  • Changing city of entry or departure in/from Iran

Any change in the content of Iran Tour Package and the subsequent change of  Iran Tour Package price (Iran Tour Price) can be advised through our correspondences, before finalizing the purchase.

Iran Travel Packages are different in:

  • length : from 7 days to 15 days. While a 7-Day Iran Package is compressed and covering the few top destinations and sites, longer packages include more cities, attractions and are more flexible.
  • Iran tour Price : Iran Tour Packages price varies depending on type and quality of accommodation, transportation ( from private cars to buses, number of flights included), workshops, etc.
  • Seasonal Iran Tour packages: Certain Iran Tour Packages are best offered during the low season (Summer and Winter Iran Packages) which cover regions of Iran that enjoy pleasant weather during summer and winter, such as western, northwestern or southern Iran. Whereas , classic Iran Packages are preferred during the high season (Spring and Fall)

Contrary to popular fallacy, getting Iran Visa is quite easy, maybe slightly time-consuming for certain nationalities. All nationalities are eligible to receive Iran Visa except Israeli citizens, due to political restrictions.

While 10 nationalities do not need a visa to enter Iran, American, Canadian and UK passport holders face a longer processing time for their Iran Visa, due to political considerations. However, the good news is the Iran Visa Refusal rate is significantly low, occurring only in cases of national security matters.

For a full guide on how to get Iran Visa for different nationalities, click Iran Visa.

Yes. Iranian State Law obligates all adult women to wear headscarf in public. However, Hijab in Iran travel packages is not as strict as other Islamic countries, in that you can wear a headscarf loosely, to cover your head and neck area, and showing part of hair is not at all problematic!

As for the body, all women are required to cover full body except the face, hands and feet meaning: you can wear long sleeved loose tops or tonics and long pants or skirts. For more information, please click on Iranian Dress Code .

Absolutely Yes. Iran has been recently rated as safe as the UK and Switzerland among the least dangerous countries of the world, according to The Independent and International SOS, not to mention by your fellow visitors as ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’ according to Lonely Planet.

You will not be treated anything but hospitality and welcoming eyes in the streets, as long as you abide by the cultural values of the people, just as any other country in the world. To add more, your holiday in Iran is further guaranteed safe when on Iran Tours, with a professional tour guide alongside you.

We are committed to responsible tourism. Our priority is promotion of Iran as a safe, extraordinary destination to visit:

  • We aspire to offer authentic and hands-on our Best Iran Tours by the collaboration of professionals of the ever-growing tourism industry of Iran.
  • We assign highly experienced and knowledgeable Iranian tour guides to conduct the tour as smoothly as possible.
  • We feel responsible for sustaining the tourism industry of Iran and all relative local businesses thriving on tourism.
  • As an Iran Tour Operator, we offer, directly to you, lower Iran Tour Packages price, as opposed to foreign tour operators, which have to again work with a local tour operator, hence, adding their profit to the price you need to pay.

How are our Iran packages different?

Iran Tour Packages Price​ (Iran Tour Price)

Our Iran tours prices can vary depending on the type and class of accommodation, transportation, number of cities, cultural and natural attractions you wish to include on your Iran Holiday package.

Duration of Iran packages, optional workshops upon your request and individual or small group Iran tour packages also influence the final package price.

Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation: Means and quality of transportation service in and between cities range from private cars of driver guides, minivans, etc. to domestic flights, trains; all affecting the final price.

Accommodation: Multitude options are available with a wide range of price: from luxe boutique hotels (highly equipped historical guesthouses and hotels) to modern hotels of 2 to 5 Stars are available. Privately owned eco-lodges and guesthouses to offer you an experience of Iranian lifestyle are also available.

Length of your Iran Tour

Iran Tour Packages differ also in their length from 8 to 15 days. While an 8-Day compact Iran Package covers only limited cultural highlights of Iran, longer Iran Packages offer visits to more cities, cultural an natural attractions and a more flexible itinerary and time to repose.
You have the liberty to add to or reduce the length of a particular Iran travel package, omitting or adding certain attractions or even cities.

Seasonal Iran packages

Seasonal Iran travel packages are available to tour different regions of Iran. Iran enjoys a varied climate:

While central parts of Iran compromise the most popular Iran Tour Itineraries during the High Season (Spring and Fall), there are also customized Iran Tours to visit parts of Iran with the most pleasant in Summer or Winter, such as the unmissable Persian Gulf coastline and islands in winter, and Western/Northwestern Iran in summer.

Customized Iran Packages

We tailor our Iran Travel Packages according to your taste and preference, as such: You may wish to visit or eliminate a certain cultural or natural attraction during your Iran Tour. You may desire your Iran Tour Package to focus mostly on cultural sights or natural landscapes, or have a packed or flexible tour itinerary.
We try our best to accommodate your preferences on our customized Iran Travel Packages.

Workshops on Iran travel Packages

To offer you a more authentic experience of Iranian culture and heritage, we can include visits to traditional workshops of Persian Carpet and Persian Pottery, whereat you can also have hands-on experience of practicing these magnificent crafts under the supervision of the craftsmen. 

the workshops can be added to your Iran Package upon your request.

Popular Destinations on Our Iran Tour Packages

Iran Tour Packages - Iran Tour - Iran travel packages - Best Iran Tours - Iran Tour Price

Tehran City:

The capital of Iran for the past 240 years, Tehran is home to numerous reputable museums and royal palaces. Tehran is the most populated and the most modern city of Iran. Situated at the foothills of Alborz mountain stretching down to desert lowlands, Tehran enjoys a varied climate. During Iran Tour Packages, while one may be astonished by the hustle and bustle, they can also take unique pleasure in the diversity of culture and ethnic groups peacefully cohabiting in the city. One may say Tehran is the essence of Iran in miniature.

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran

Isfahan City:

Each and every one of the tours inside Iran include the magnificent city of Isfahan with its globally known UNESCO world heritage sites. The city of azure blue tiles and marquetry arts never seize to amaze you.

Locally famous as Half of the World (aka Isfahan, nesf-e jahan), Isfahan resembles a piece of jewelry that still retains its luster and glory throughout the centuries.

Iran Tour Packages - Iran Tour - Iran travel packages - Best Iran Tours - Iran Tour Price

Shiraz City:

The city of poems and nightingales, Shiraz is an essential part of all Iran tours. The colourful city among all of its Persian gardens and historical mansions is also neighbor to the ancient capital of the 2500 years old dynasty, the Achaemenids.

Home of some of Iran’s greatest poets, the city of Shiraz, will lift your spirits with its romanticism and welcoming atmosphere.

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Yazd City:

An adobe city survived in the course of history in the heart of the desert cannot be missed in the Iran Travel  Packages. The warm-hearted city of Yazd, a UNESCO world heritage, manifests a unique side of Iranian culture, climate-responsive architecture and Zoroastrian background.

The city of Yazd, an inextricable part of Iran Packages, will astonish you with its historic ventilation system: Wind-Catchers still functional even at the modern hotels of the city.

is iran safe for british tourists

Kashan City:

An enchanting oasis neighboring the desert, the city of Kashan is the city of rosewater and rugs. Kashan with its traditional houses and explosion of culture is definitely on every Iran Tour Package.
The original Persian Garden design and architecture is tangible in the gardens of the city of Kashan. This is city is known as one of the most ancient cities of Iran due to the excavated 7000 year old, industrial settlement, Tepe Sialk.

Travel to Iran from USA

Kerman City:

A crucial player in the ancient business road, the city of Kerman is an overlooked gem of Persian culture. Kerman is also known as one of the oldest cities of Iran dating back to 6000 years ago.
Impressive natural phenomenon: Kalouts of Shahdad are also located in the vicinity of city of Kerman in the heart of desert.

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