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Basically, we are one in the many Iran Tour Operators for travel to Iran, but with a fundamental difference: we put you first and business profit next in our Tours! Understandably it seems too ideal to believe, but we are hell-bent on upholding this truth.

On this road, we cooperate with experienced travel and tourism bodies to fulfil our ambition. For the sake of our dear country’s welfare, our assertion to reveal the true essence of Iran to the world and transcend misconceptions,

 we put you first

Simply put, we care about our homeland and how, until this day and age, the wonders of this mystical land is marginalized. 

Among our loyal countrymen, we have found tourism and tours to Iran, our best shot to bring about unity, peace and cultural affinity to the world and responsible economic growth to our country.

Being an Iran-Based Tour Operator, we offer our tours directly to you, with no third party involved. This not only contributes to the growth of tourism industry of Iran, it is also beneficial to you in 3 ways:

lower cost of

Authentic experience with the guidance of natives

Leaving matters to experts of their own country

We offer you our version of Iran: tailor-made for your taste and budget, individual or group tours, luxe or economy, urban or rustic, fully cultural or eclectic, … .  Ripe with hands-on experience at workshops and memorable personalities carrying  the old Iranian soul, etc.

” we show you the reality of our land “

Customized For Your Liking!

we put you first!

Our Request From:

Before offering you our packages , you have the privilege of telling us how you want to experience Iran and we customize the closest possible tour itinerary for you.

You tell us how organized you want your tour and we will do our best to accommodate considering obvious restriction! With us, you have a tour of Iran tailored for you.


the cradle of civilisation

Persian Pottery Workshops

Pottery too holds a special place in Iran’s ancient history. Watching excavated pottery artefacts in museums on tours can be fulfilling.

But how about getting in the act behind the pottery wheel, feeling the sensuous touch of wet clay on your hands, smelling the soul-refreshing scent of our existence: earth and water and creating a primal vessel like our ancestors?!

How about witnessing how Persian artisans color their pottery with Iranian traditional dyes and pigments, or going one step further and giving it a shot on your tour?

Escorted Tours of Iran
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Carpet Weaving Workshops

On a conventional Iran tour, one surely visits museums and Bazaars in different cities to get a good look at Iranian handicrafts.

What we offer to make  your tour more lasting is giving you the chance of feeling the touch of Persian art.

At Carpet Weaving Centers, One can truly appreciate the beauty and value of the renowned Persian Rug, when seated next to young girls and women in rows in front of the weaving loom, sprightly singing in harmony while their nimble finger pirouette with warps and wefts giving life to an artisan’s imaginary masterpiece!

You too can have the chance to sit and sing along with them and tie the knots to create  one of Iran’s arts  listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage!

Persian Qanats Workshop

How about touching on how natural habitats can build the character of its inhabitants? Why not walking in kilometers-long underground water tunnels  reaching the mother wells and aquifers, devised by ancient Iranians? .

Walking the Qanats is not an excursion, it is getting to know the spirit and culture of Iranians who have had to fight aridness as part of their life so much so as their character is built on fighting for water, fighting for life!

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Iran tour - Iran tours - Tour of Iran - tours of Iran - best iran tours
Tehran Grand bazaar

Meet the People

we offer you the chance, if interested, to meet intriguing people steeped in their life-long professions.

Be it an old teahouse owner in the grand bazaar, or an artisan in his traditional workshop in Shiraz, etc. you will have the chance to witness authentic Iranian culture among people!

Iran Nomads - Iranian Nomads - Bakhtiari Nomads

Wonders of Persia your Travel

delicious cuisines and natural tastes

Persian Highs and Lowes

You choose when to take your Iran trip, and there is always an enticing destination to visit! Trust us on it!

Our country is the crossroads of natural climates: the mesmerizing combination of the sun, sand and sky  of deserts and Kalouts; the mystic coastline of Persian Gulf and its bewildering islands; the ever-green mountain forests lining the Caspian Sea; the ever-snowy heights and the pampering prairies in between call on to curious travelers on eclectic tours.  

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Is Iran Beautiful?
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Cradle of Civilization

No tourist comes to Iran uninformed of its impressive ancient history!

From the still-majestic ruins of Persepolis to the dazzling Zigurat of Choghazanbil of Susa, ancient Iran has much to say to the curious listeners.

With the UNESCO World Heritage inscribed Old Town of Yazd showcasing its renowned wind-catchers and the architectural ingenuity of Iranians to defeat nature at their long-fought battle of life in the desert, you cannot afford to miss the sight of this land’s twisted journey throughout history!

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Crossroads of Religions

Scarcely can you visit a country with such all-embracing religious background!

Pair it with the Persian architectural finesse and artistic flair and you will witness Iranian mosques, Armenian churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples welcoming you in such unity that you will readily brush the biased hype off your mind and let the beautiful dance of colors, light and architectural allure of the Persian style of religious art captivate your soul on our tours.

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Isfahan Handicrafts - Turquoise Inlay

Tokens of Persian art

Walk in the Bazaars and gaze into the ever-lauded Persian rugs and let its heavenly façade pamper your soul and they will do!

 Let your ears give in to the rhythmic  sound of smiths’ hammers on silver, and you can feel a touch of Rumi’s ecstasy at hearing God calling onto him! 

Let Iranian wood artisans dazzle you with the finesse and vigor of their workmanship! 

And let Persian pottery at its core treat you with the blissful taste of cool water oozing out of a clay jar on this desertique land.

Persian Handicrafts are the true ambassadors of Iranian cultural heritage, ones we do not press you to purchase, but we do encourage you to count them as a major part of your tour to take in the genuine Iranian identity.

The Luscious Iranian Cuisine

The culinary culture of Iran, while an inseparable part of any tour, can reveal so much about Iranian culture and mentality.

You can feel the much advertised Iranian hospitality when warmly invited to their dinner gatherings, which  can easily  resemble a feast.

 No matter extravagant or austere, Iranians offer you the best gastronomic experience as tokens of their compassion, because to Iranians, food and bread are a blessing from God to be cherished and extended to guests.

Every corner of Iran offers you its individual culinary delight steeped in its culture and natural resources. Yet on a holistic view, Iranian cuisine is about Persian style steamed rice, bread, kebabs and stews garnished with herbs, vegetables and yogurt. And they have one thing in common: patience!

Iranian Cuisine

Cities In Your travel to Iran

Tehran City

We believe Tehran to be a short but inextricable part of any tour for its political and cultural background. And why is that?

Serving as Iran’s capital for more than 200 years, Tehran is the most populated and most modern city in Iran. Situated in the southern foothills of Alborz mountains and stretching down to low deserts, metropolitan Tehran enjoys a varied climate.

Being the political center of Iran for so long, Tehran is home to tourist attraction sites such as the  residential palaces of Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasties, diverse museums and art galleries mostly promoted during the reign of the last Shah of Iran, when cultural projects were mostly launched by the Pahlavi Queen.

Also being the most modern city in Iran, both in infrastructure and popular culture, Tehran inhabits  diverse classes of social and ethnic groups, leading to the peaceful cohabitation of tradition and modernity, where a more liberal expression of personal identity over conforming to steadfast devotion to tradition sets it apart from the rest of Iran.

Kashan City

A small yet rich destination not to miss on your travel to Iran, Kashan is a perfect example of an ancient Iranian desert settlement up to know.

Paired with a visit of famous Maranjab desert with its captivating dunes and ripples, or rose gardens, Kashan is home to authentic Persian architecture in harmony with the harsh desert climate. One will be amazed how Iranians used their architectural genius to create residences like oasis on the desert!

Traditional houses and baths, a Persian garden coupled with desert experience, one can pass through or stay a night in this beautiful city, but not at all miss it on their tour.

Souvenirs of Kashan are few but world famous: rosewater and herbal syrups and obviously Kashan carpet.

Isfahan City

Dedicating at least 2 days to itself on any tour, Isfahan is counted as Iran’s cradle of art and a must-visit destination for every traveler.

Being one of the most populated cities of Iran after Tehran, and now a vital industrial hub in the country, Isfahan is characterized by a long historical and artistic background.

A semi-arid inland city, privileged by the life-giving river, Zayandehroud, passing through it, Isfahan reached the pinnacle of perfection in the 16th and 17th century, becoming the capital of Safavid Dynasty.

Once graced by countless vivacious gardens and palaces, and becoming the most important commercial hub of the time, a tourist will still be amazed by the elegance of heavenly adorned mosques and  still-alive bazaar and royal residence in  UNESCO World Heritage Naqsh-e Jahan square; not to mention by the unique paintings of Vank Cathedral in the Armenian quarter, New Jolfa on their tour.

Isfahan is also world famous for its diverse handicrafts: rugs, metalwork, enamel, tile and wood work. No wonder it was once called ‘’Half of the World”!

Shiraz City

Bliss is in the air! Shiraz is the heart of romanticism, poets, nightingales and flowers in Iran, not to mention your lodge to visit the majestic capital of ancient Iran, Persepolis, its neighboring mystic necropolis and Pasargadae, city of Cyrus the Great!

One cannot dedicate less than 2 days on their travel to be charmed by this blissful city. Shiraz is home to tombs of 2 famous Persian poets: Hafez and Saadi, the much-lauded Nasir-al-Molk mosque for its divinely ornamented tiles and tinted mirrorwork that attracts tourists from around the world to merely take photos of themselves in the whimsical dance of sunlight through the windows! Eram Garden, a perfect example of the UNESCO World Heritage inscribed Persian Garden, embraces you like a heaven  on earth.

Vakil Complex of Grand Bazaar, mosque and bath and a fine 18th century Citadel are among the hallmarks of this vivacious city.

The top handicrafts of Shiraz are carpets and rugs of the province of Fars and dazzling wood and metal works.

Yazd City

Also called The City of Wind-Catchers and Bicycles, Yazd is a must-visit part of travel for a day or two.

Considered a desertique and arid region, Yazd and its neighboring cities are the hallmark of man overcoming harsh climate and water scarcity. Stroll in the UNESCO World Heritage listed old town of Yazd, and let the narrow alleys lined with clay houses and their wind-catchers speak to you of the simplicity and warmth of old times.

Yazd is also home to the Zoroastrian community of Iranians, still upholding their most ancient faith in full liberty. One can get to know this faith better at the Zoroastrian fire temple of Yazd guarding the holy fire burning for more than 1500 years, and the mystic  Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, the graveyards of followers of this ancient religion.

The majestic portal entrance of congregational mosque adorned by exquisite tilework style of 15th century Iran dazzles every visitor. Amir Chaqmagh square and complex built in the same era still counts as the throbbing heart of this ancient city. And another Persian Garden in the heart of desert, Dowlat Abad Garden charms visitors with its stream of water and shady trees to cool down, a finely ornamented pavilion with tinted glass and the world’s tallest wind-catcher, obviously!

Yazd province is famous since ancient times for its flat-weaves, pottery and Termeh, a delicate weave work.

Kerman City

Kerman is another desertique province completing our travel with its historical and natural landscape that awes every tourist.

On your trip to iran, Kalouts and desert of Shahdad in Kerman, recorded as the hottest spot on earth at certain time of the year offers you the unique experience of a different class of desert, so much so that many tourists are more than willing to ride miles away from the city of Kerman just to gaze into the mysterious, awe inspiring landscape surrounding them. A memory of sunset for life!

Kerman is also home to one of the oldest civilizations of ancient world, ‘’Jiroft” or believed by many ‘’Aratta’’.

The city of Kerman, like other cities, enjoys its own version of Grand Bazaar, caravanserai and bath of Ganjali Khan, a local governer if 16th century. And needless to say, the grand and ornate Persian style mosque of the same complex that overwhelms the visitors.

Kerman’s most lauded handicraft is its carpet. We Iranians complement one as ‘’being like the Kerman rug’’, when they grow more beautiful as they age. It’s drawn from the high quality of Kerman Rug which shows its true charming colors as it is aged. Patchwork, Termeh and exquisite wood and copper works are among Kerman’s souvenirs.

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Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK


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Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK


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