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Tours to Iran from Canada: There are a great variety in Iran tours from Canada . Iran tour package from Canada can be both budget type or luxurious. In this post we are going to answer your questions about Iran tours from Canada. Any kind of information about tours to Iran from Canada can be found here. Registering for a tour to Iran from Canada is easy and can be done without any complications. If you want to know the best time for a tour of Iran from Canada or if you want to know the best way to experience the tours of Iran from Canada, this post is where you should be. Getting the Iran visa for Canadian citizens is easy as a piece of pie. So, if you want to travel to Iran from Canada start reading this post!

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Travel to Iran From Canada; what you need to know?

To travel is to embrace new cultures and new lifestyles. It’s about meeting new people and unfolding the story behind each city and country. This fact is even more accurate about the country of Iran.

Canadian people are among those people who are interested in tours to Iran from Canada. In addition to that, there are large Iranian communities living in Canada too. This somehow comparable taste of the two nations probably come from the rich culture, art and the heritage of both countries and their people.

Due to these similarities and likeness and also based on Canadian cultural and historical preferences, we have prepared special tours to Iran from Canada.

For the ones looking for tours to Iran from Canada we have some good news and some bad news!

The good news is that some assumptions that Canadians can no longer visit Iran are not true at all.

And the not-really-bad news is the paperwork and patience necessary to obtain an Iran visa for Canadian citizens can make you not want to visit at all. However tours to Iran from Canada is worth the patience.

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada


#1 How to Apply for Iran Visa for Canadian Citizens?

You need to book a tour in order to be able to apply for Iran visa. You can either book a private tour or a group tour but know that you will need to be with a tour guide 100% of the time while travelling in Iran.

Don’t you worry; you will have free time inside historical monuments and sites but you cannot wander alone in the city.

Now, before applying for Iran visa for Canadian citizens and travelers you must obtain a travel authorization number from the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). You can only gain this number if you have booked a tour with an Iranian travel agency like us. We will get this number for you.

The types of tours to Iran from Canada are explained later in the post.

The moment you receive your number you can apply for your visa and you can choose which embassy or consulate to pick it up.

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Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

#2 Safety Issue in Iran Tours from Canada

Many who have traveled to Iran are glad they did not listen to the media and its portrait of Iran. Iran is said to be one of the safest countries in the world by many tourists who have traveled to the country.

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The moment you step into Iran you will be welcomed with most hospitable people you have ever met in your life. By each conversation and contact with a local you will realize they have one thing in common and that is the peace and that the world sees Iran as it truly is.

Just in Iran tours from Canada make sure you are with a tour guide to avoid any discomfort or danger.

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#3 Appropriate Length of Travel for Iran Tour from Canada?

Canadians come a long way to visit the country of Iran so they better have plan or at least know what they prefer to visit and experience.

Whether you are looking for an experience with locals and visiting cultural sightseeing, or you would prefer to travel to Iran from Canada and visit must-see destinations and amazing tourist attractions then you are more than welcome to visit through one of our Iran tour from Canada which could be easily tailored to your wish and need.

The classic itinerary is a 12 days plan which, as said before, can be changed according to your needs and wishes. However, you can explore the best and most important highlights with a 7 days plan which is provided at the end of this post.

#4 When Is the Best Time to Book Tour to Iran from Canada?

If you are looking for the same cold weather as Canada does, or if you are more of a summer person, Iran with its geographical location can offer you both. The tour to Iran from Canada only depends on what you are looking for.

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Lahijan City – Guilan Province

Although the prime time to travel to Iran are mid-March to mid-May and October to the end of November you should also be aware of the holy month of Ramadan which can be tricky for you since all the restaurants are open only during the night.

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Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Kalut Desert – Kerman

#5 Are Drinking Alcohol and Eating Pork Allowed in Tour of Iran from Canada?

Both drinking alcohol and eating pork is forbidden and against the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There are, however, the better drinks and meat called Sharbat and Kebab to experience in tour of Iran from Canada. Sharbat is more of a cool sweet drink known as the world’s first soft drink. Doogh is also very famous and delicious which is yogurt and water and special spices! In case of Kebab, it is made from beef, lamb, and chicken in the way you have never tasted before!

#6 The Special Dress Code in All Tours of Iran from Canada

Booking any kind of tours of Iran from Canada requires new outfit!

As for women, they need to adhere to the Islamic hijab at all times while in public, while for men, they must avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Public displays of affection are strongly discouraged if you’re not married to your partner (you can hold hands) and homosexual conduct is illegal and carries extremely harsh penalties.

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Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Iranian Dress Code for Canadian

#7 Handpicked Iran Tour Package from Canada

As mentioned before, you can change the itinerary given to you and we do our best to customize it tours to Iran from Canada, so it meets your wishes and needs. However there are some pre-planned Iran tour package from Canada which down below we have given you on of them.


Sample Tours to Iran from Canada:

Here is the 7 day itinerary of Iran tour from Canada. A flexible itinerary that can be altered according to your wishes and needs. You will have an experience of a life time with this itinerary of tours to Iran from Canada:


Day 1 – Tehran

After arriving in Tehran and taking a short break, have a half day tour in Tehran. Visit Golestan palace, Bazaar and end it with having dinner in Darband mountain area. O/N Tehran

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada - golestan palace

Golestan Palace – Tehran


Day 2 – Shiraz

have a flight to Shiraz and spend your time by visiting one of the most amazing complexes, Vakil complex, O/N Shiraz

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada - Shiraz

Ganjalikhan Bath house – Shiraz


Day 3 – Shiraz

get your self to Persepolis (One of the world-historical heritage sites in Iran) and then Naqsh-e-Rostam out of the city then come back and visit Eram garden and Hafeziye, O/N Shiraz

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Persepolis – Shiraz


Day 4 – Shiraz

after visiting Nasirol Molk mosque, pack your things and hit the road to Yazd via Pasargadae (One of the world-historical heritage sites in Iran), after arriving pay Amir Chakhmagh a visit, O/N Yazd

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Pink Mosque – Shiraz


Day 5 – Yazd

spend the whole day in Yazd. You can visit: Zoroastrian fire temple, Yazd Jame mosque, tower of silence, Dolat Abad garden and Fahadan area, O/N Yazd

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada - Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd

Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd


Day 6 – Isfahan

in the morning drive to Isfahan. You’ll get there about the afternoon. After arriving, visit Atigh Jame mosque and Vanak cathedral, O/N Isfahan

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada

Photo By @griffon.architecture on Instagram


Day 7 – Isfahan

pass the entire day by exploring Naghsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Safavid palace of 40 columns/ Chehel Sotun, O/N Isfahan

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada - Sheikh Lotfallah mosque

photo by @mrfeedoms on Instagram


Day 8 – Kashan

put your destination in Kashan. On the way Kashan, have a short rest in Abyaneh in the meantime you can watch beautiful local customers. In Kashan, visit Fin garden and Tabatabae House, then get your self to the airport

Tours to Iran from Canada - Iran Tours from Canada


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