Iran 7 Day Tour

Iran 7 Day Tour: Iran with its ancient history dating back to 7000 BC is a vast country with much ground to cover. However, with an Iran 7 day tour you can capture the very essence of great empires and experience the best of Iran.

In Iran 7 day tour you’ll visit almost 6 UNESCO world heritage sites and famous cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan.
To make the best of your time in a 7 day tour, we will guide you through the rich culture of Iran among the most hospitable and warm-hearted people.

Additionally, we will take you exploring among fabled capitals of ancient empires, soothing your soul with the azure blue tiles of each mosque, and strolling in the Persian gardens where you can feel the presence of Cyrus the Great.

Short on budget and time? Our itinerary is flexible and we can change the plan to an Iran 6 day tour or to an 8 day tour of Iran. Furthermore, you are welcomed to ask any question; we are here to answer you just when you wish to know it.


Iran 7 Day Itinerary

Iran 7 day tour itinerary is as it follows:

Day 1:

the moment your plane lands in IKA airport we will be there to assist you in the process and transfer you to the hotel. With the usual traffic we will arrive at the hotel in about an hour. Don’t worry! You’ll have time to rest.

After a short relaxing time, our half day tour in the Tehran city begins. We will be visiting Golestan Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and finally be heading to the restaurant for a pleasant dinner in the foothills of Mount Darband.

Day 2:

our day starts with a flight to Shiraz and then continues with a half day excursion in the city of poetry while visiting Vakil Complex. The rest of the day is yours.

Day 3:

you’d better have had a good night sleep because we will be heading to Persepolis, a UNESCO world heritage site, early in the morning; since the site is located 70 Kilometres outside the city.
Near Persepolis is Naqsh-e Rostam which we will also be visiting. After having launch we will get back to the city to visit Eram Garden and Hafeziye.


Day 4:

still in Shiraz; we will visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in the morning. We will be going to Yazd today, but before arriving to the Yazd city we will visit Pasargadae, another UNESCO world heritage site, on our way.
We will reach to Yazd in the afternoon. That’s when we will go to Amir Chakhmagh Square and enjoy the sunset there.


Day 5:

we have a full day tour ahead ourselves in the UNESCO registered city with its unique architecture in the middle of the desert. We will step into the Zoroastrian fire temple, then dive into the holy atmosphere of Jame Mosque. We will visit towers of silence and at last but not least we will breathe the fresh air of Dolat Abad Garden, an original Persian garden.


Day 6:

we have another drive to Isfahan in the morning; a somehow long drive with the advantage of seeing Isfahan primarily in the midday.
On this lovely afternoon we will visit Atigh Jame Mosque and Vank Cathedral. The rest of the day is yours.


Day 7:

another full day city tour, this time in Isfahan. We are going to explore the famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO world heritage site, and also the Safavid Palace of 40 columns aka Chehel Sotun.


Day 8:

it is time for a more local experience. With a morning drive, we will visit the Abyaneh village, the red ruby of the desert with its beautiful costumes.
After gaining this unique experience we will head toward Kashan city to visit Fin Garden, another spectacular Persian garden. How about a traditional Persian house? We will visit Tabatabae House as an example of a true Persian home.
Eventually, by the end of the day, we will drive to airport to part ways in good memories. We hope you had a great time, bon voyage!

Iran 7 Day Tour; 7 Day Tour of Iran

Are you wondering what an Iran tour 7 days is? We have an answer for that question. We have a full scheduled, however flexible itinerary set for you so you could make the best of your time in an Iran 7 day tour.

In this Iran 1 week tour you will have the chance to make contact with the rich Iranian culture and understand why Iranians are famous for hospitality. You only need Iran tour one week to feel the essence of the country.

7 day tour of Iran is a fair enough time to experience the ancient history and magnificent architectures around the country. With Iran one week tour you can visit famous cities which are known around the world.

Some people might think that Iran one week tour is not enough for travelling to Iran and see everything that is worth it in this Iran tour one week. But let us tell you something about Iran 1 week tour; you might not visit whatever there is to visit in an Iran tour 7 days; however, with a 7 day tour Iran you will visit more than 5 UNESCO world heritage sites.

By the end of an Iran 7 day tour you can fairly say that you have fully experienced Iran. Also you can recommend the 7 days tour in Iran to whoever interested in experiencing what you have been through.


8 Day Tour Iran; Iran Tour 8 Days

If you want an 8 day tour Iran, you have nothing to worry about because our itinerary is flexible enough to add some extra sites to visit.
You can register in the Iran tour 8 days and experience Iran more than there is. Getting to know the culture and warm-hearted people is only a small part of the exciting 8 day tour of Iran.


Iran 6 Day Tour

A little short on budget and time? We can help you figure out how to have a wonderful Iran 6 day tour and not to miss anything important.
There might be a little haste in the action but you have nothing to worry about our Iran 6 day tour itinerary since our plan is flexible and our guides are professionals.

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