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Cheap Iran tours – Iran budget tours: If lately you have been thinking of travelling to the country of Iran and do not want to spend much money, you would be better thinking about cheap tours of Iran or Iran budget tours. For any kind of traveller such as solo, couple, family, or friends cheap Iran tours packages can offer an unforgettable experience. Among all the budget tours of Iran even the cheapest Iran tours must include great cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd. Our cheapest Iran tours itinerary can be altered to some extent of your wishes. The details of budget tour Iran packages and cheap tours of Iran price (cheap Iran tours price) are all explained in this post.


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This post includes:

  • Iran Budget Tours
  • Iran Visa for Cheap Iran Tours
  • Is Iran Safe for Tourists?
  • Dress Code in Iran
  • Best Time for Cheap Iran Tours
  • Accommodation and Culinary Choices
  • Persian Handicrafts and Souvenirs
  • Sample Itinerary


#1 Iran Budget Tours by Iran Tourismer

Iran Budget Tours : Iran is an immense country in both aspects of geography and cultural back ground. Our country still remains a mysterious destinations to many travelers for different reasons. However, we, Iran Tourismer team, as an Iran-based tour operator, invite you to visit our country on cheap Iran tours, if price is your concern.

Hell-bent on healthy promotion of our country to the world, we are resolved to provide our clients with an authentic experience of Iran, fair Iran budget tour prices and transparency. This we call responsible tourism.

Regardless of price, we strive our best to customize our Iran budget tours to your preferences and interests. Aside from flexible tour itineraries, we can offer you Persian Carpet or Pottery workshops on your Iran budget tours, to have a close-up experience of how these two fascinating handicrafts of Iran are produced. What we aspire to is unveiling the truth of Iranian cultural heritage, history, popular culture of Iran today on our cheap Iran tours, tailor-made for you.

Iran Budget Tours are customized by:

  • Low-budget accommodation options
  • Transportation options vary from including flights to road trips
  • Length of tour


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cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours


#2 Iran Visa for Iran Budget Tours

Iran Visa for Iran Budget Tours : Obtaining  Iran Visa can be slightly different from other countries, in that, in the process exists the step of ”Iran Visa Authorization Code” which can seem puzzling but it simply means that The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has processed your visa application and approved it. Iran Visa application process is as simple as:

  1. Online Application via MFA E-Visa website of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While most nationalities can apply independently, it is strongly advised to leave the visa matters to the tour operator you have booked your cheap Iran tour with.
  2. Appearing at the Iranian Embassy/Consulate of your country to recieve your Iran Visa.
    • Visa-On-Arrival is also available for most nationalities

For more details, click : Full Guide on Iran Visa

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours Get Iranian Visa


#3 Is Iran Safe for Tourists on Cheap Iran Tours?

Is Iran Safe for tourists on Cheap Iran Tours? No matter your budget, Iran is among the safest destinations. According to tourists who have been to Iran, regard Iran as safest country I’ve ever been to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’. Moreover, according to 2019 Travel Risk Map , Iran has been rated as safe as majority of European countries.

When in Iran, tourists are treated with nothing by courtesy and welcoming eyes, as long as cultural values of the community is respected. After all, Iranians are famous for their warmth and hospitality.

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It amazes me how the media makes Iran look like such an evil and horrible place, when in reality, it’s exactly the opposite. Not only is #Iran one of the safest counties I’ve ever visited, but the people are the absolute kindest and most hospitable that I’ve met ANYWHERE in the world. This video is the first of my 14 video series about Iran — please head over to my FB page if you’d like to watch them daily! (Link in bio). Thank you Iran for such an amazing time and to @gadventures for putting together this adventure. I can’t wait to come back again soon ??? #Persia #MiddleEast #Iranian #LoveIran #LoveTravel #Persian #tehran #isfahan #esfahan #persepolis #yazd #kerman #shiraz #kashan #gadventures #gwanderers

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#4 Dress Code in Iran

Dress Code in Iran : According to the Iranian state law, all adults need to dress modestly and women wear a hijab (a headscarf covering the hair and neck area) in public.

  • Female Dress Code: Ladies are required to wear a headscarf and cover full body with e.g. loose long-sleeved tops, pant and long skirts. Loose headscarf and exposing part of hair is not frowned upon.
  • Male Dress Code: Men are strongly advised to NOT wear shorts or tank tops in public.

Contrary to popular fallacy, tourists are free to wear any color or pattern they wish to, as long as they conform to the above dress code.

Cheap Iran Tours : Iran Dress Code


#5 Best Time for Cheap Iran Tours

Best Time for Cheap Iran Tours : Iran enjoys a wide variety of climates: from chilling cold and mountainous on the margins to hot and desertic in the center, to humid on the coastlines throughout the year. So, you may take you cheap Iran tour year round:

#1 High Season (Spring/Fall) for Iran Budget Tours

Typical tours to Iran are scheduled during spring and fall, for the mild weather across the country. As a local Iranian tour operator, we can offer various cheap Iran tours to enjoy Iran’s natural and cultural climate.

  • Please note during the Persian New Year holidays, 13 days from March 21, cities and tourist attraction sites are more crowded, and understandably hotel and transportation rates are higher.


cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Lahijan city


#2 Low Season (Summer/Winter) for Iran Budget Tours

The beauty of Iran in summer and winter, while breathtaking, has been taken for granted. So here it is, a brief introduction of Iran in low seasons.

During summer, the lesser-visited western and northwestern cities of Iran enjoy a cool weather. Hence, we offer you tailor-made cheap Iran tours to savour the mesmerizing natural landscapes, not to mention fascination cultural attractions.

During winter, one can delight in winter sports in the slopes of Alborz mountain, north of Tehran, or the cool Persian Gulf coastline and islands, which are home to the aboriginal community, exotic wildlife, mysterious wilderness and Iran’s first National Geo Park.

No matter which season, we can customize for you low budget Iran tours.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Kerman - Shahdad


#6 Accommodation and Culinary Choices on Cheap Iran Tours

Accommodation and Culinary Choices on Cheap Iran Tours : On Iran budget tours, one can have a variety of choices for type of accommodation based on their budget and taste:

  • Modern hotels ranging from 2 to 5-star are available .
  • Boutique hotels: Historical houses turned into guest houses with modern amenities, while maintaining their traditional facade for a wide range of fares : From luxe options such as Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan (+300 years old) or Saraye Ameriha in Kashan, to more affordable ones suitable for cheap Iran tours.
  • Eco-lodges are also an affordable option to offer both comfort and a chance to  to get to know Iranian lifestyle especially in towns and villages.

Iranian gastronomy also counts as a manifestation of Iranian culture. Iranian cuisine is a combination of  large-portions of rice, traditional bread, stews and kebabs, served with green vegetables and traditional yoghurt. Iranian cuisine can stun western tourists for their large portion,  lacking variety of raw vegetables as in other countries, or vegetarian meal choices.

While on your cheap Iran tour, you can have a variety of Persian or International cuisine at affordable prices.

  • IMPORTANT: Consumption of pork and alcoholic drinks of any kind are against the religious laws, hence strongly forbidden., and basically not available at all.

You can read more about Persian Cuisine on Iranian Food


Sample Cheap Iran Tours (8-Days):

Day 1 – Tehran

pickup from airport and transportation to the hotel for a short time rest because we have a half day tour in the city of Tehran.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - bazaar


We will guide you through the glorious and majestic Golestan Palace which is a UNESCO world heritage site and after that a walk in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran; the beating heart of the commerce of the country.

For a memorable evening and dinner we will take you one of the best restaurants in the foothills of Mount Alborz.


Day 2 – Shiraz

Starting the day with a flight to Shiraz with half a day excursion in the charming city of Shiraz. In this time we will spend the morning in the Vakil Complex; a historical charm. By the way, we can also manage a train from Tehran to Shiraz for a better cheap Iran tours cost (cheap Iran tours cost).

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - nasir al moulk


Your leisure time is the afternoon when you can explore Shiraz beauties independently

Day 3 – Shiraz

travelling back in time to the most prosperous years of Persian civilization; to Persepolis that is a major UNESCO world heritage site. This site is located out of town and on our way back to the city we will visit Naqsh-e Rostam since it is near Persepolis.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Persepolis


In the third day of our cheapest Iran tours (cheap Iran tours) we will visit Eram Garden and Hafezyie. This visit is optional and depends on whether you want to change your budget tour Iran itinerary.


Day 4 – Yazd

it is time to visit one the most unique and magical mosques of Iran, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque specifically in the morning. After this extraordinary experience we will go to Yazd; however, on our way there we will stop by the Pasargadae, a UNESCO world heritage site, the resting place of a great king.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - yazd


We will make it to enjoy the sunset in Amir Chakhmagh Square.


Day 5 – Yazd

a full day tour in the UNESCO registered city of Yazd with its adobe alleyways and walls. We can customize the cheap tours of Iran itinerary to visit either the Zoroastrian fire temple or Jame Mosque of Yazd or even both.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Dolat Abad


Afterwards, we will go to pay our respects to the dead by going to the towers of silence and then for a fresh air to the Dolat Abad Garden; a unique Persian Garden in the middle of the desert.


Day 6 – Isfahan

it is best if we drive to the city of Isfahan or we can take a train. It depends on how you want your cheapest Iran tours to be like. In the lovely afternoon that we arrive we will go to see Atigh Jame Mosque and Vank Cathedral. The rest of the day is yours.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Isfahan


Day 7 – Isfahan

with a full day city tour we will go exploring the most unique square of all times, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a globally famous UNESCO world heritage site.

cheap Iran tours - Iran budget tours - Sheikh Lotfallah mosque


The Safavid Palace of 40 columns can also be included in our cheap Iran tours itinerary. This palace is locally called Chehel Sotun.

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