Iran 15 Day Tour (Iran two weeks tour)

Iran 15 Day Tour: rom 7000 years ago, Iran has lots of stories to tell; and the best way to hear them is via the Iran 15 day tour (Iran two weeks tour). We will take you exploring and discovering these stories among historical monuments, the rich culture, hospitable people, and most importantly among the greatest cities of Iran.
During this itinerary you will visit more than 5 UNESCO world heritage site; each magnificent in its own unique way. For an interested traveler each of these sites will mark an unforgettable experience.

To make the best of your visit we will guide you through pleasurable Persian gardens, marvelous mosques, royal palaces, adobe cities and villages, and burial monuments of the greatest fabled kings of Iranian history.

In this flexible plan of Iran tour 2 week, you will travel to the greatest cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, and Kashan; and each one of these cities will create an exclusive and irreplaceable experience for you.
For more details of this Iran 15 day tour check out the given itinerary below:


Day 1:

with an early morning flight you will arrive in Tehran. We will transfer you to the hotel for a short time rest because we have a half a day city tour. In the city of museums, we will take you to the carpet museum where you can freshen up your soul.

Day 2:

we have a full day city tour ahead of ourselves. Our tour consists of visiting Saad Abad royal Palaces, the Music Museum where you can see the revolution in traditional musical instruments, Tajrish Square with its liveliness, and we will watch the sunset from Milad Tower the 6th tallest tower in the world.

Day 3:

we will visit our first UNESCO world heritage site today with our full day city tour and that is Golestan Royal Complex with its noble atmosphere. We will also go through the history of the country of Iran via National Museum of Iran. Close by, we have the traditional Grand Bazaar of the capital which is the heart of the commerce of the country.

Day 4:

the 4th day of our Iran 15 day tour has come and it is time to fly to the city of Shiraz; the city of nightingales and poems. We will arrive in the morning and with our half day city tour we will go to Eram Garden (a majestic Persian Garden with its famous Cedars named Serv-e Naz-e Shirazi), Hafeziye (Tomb of Hafez) one of the greatest Iranian poets and Shah Cheragh Holly shrine.

Day 5:

it is time for another great UNESCO world heritage site famous in the whole world; Persepolis. We should get out of the hotel early in the morning since this site is out of town. We will also visit nearby royal burial sites, Naghsh-e-Rostam and Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site) outside the city. And that’s it for today.

Day 6:

Shiraz is the city where you need another full day tour. We are going to visit historical Vakil Complex, Narenjestan Garden where once a rich merchant lived, Zinat ol molk house and Nasir-ol Molk Mosque which also also known as the pink mosque, and at last but not least Tomb of Saadi, another one of the Iranian greatest poets.

Day 7:

we have a morning drive to Kerman, the city of great heritage. We will get there in the afternoon and for today’s plan we will only visit Ganjali khan complex consisting of a mosque, bazaar, and a bathhouse which is also a museum.

Day 8:

with a morning drive we will go to Bam to explore in the grand Arg of Bam or Bam Citadel, a UNESCO world heritage site, which is one of the biggest mud brick structures in the entire world and which is also affected by a huge earthquake a couple of years ago.

Then in afternoon we will drive to Mahan to visit Shazdeh and Shah nematollah vali shrine which both are unique in structure and architecture; a Persian garden in the middle of the desert.

Day 9:

it is time to say goodbye to the beautiful Kerman and say hello the UNESCO world heritage city of Yazd; an adobe city that has survived during history. While en route toward Yazd we will visit Zain-o-ddin Caravansary a circular architecture with a wise philosophical idea behind its construction.
After arriving to the city of Yazd we will pay a visit to the water museum and right next to it we will enjoy the sundown in Amir Chakhmaq square.

Day 10:

we have a full day city tour in Yazd ahead of ourselves; an architecturally unique city surrounded with desert. On our list we have the Zoroastrian fire temple with an everlasting fire burning for thousands of years, Yazd Jameh mosque with Iran’s tallest minarets, towers of silence of Zoroastrianism, and Fahadan area.

Day 11:

today is the day when we will drive to Isfahan. While on the road we will go to Meybod to visit Meybod Caravanserai and then to visit Chak Chak village in Khanaq which is in the heart of the mountains with a Zoroastrian myth. Also, Jameh Mosque in Naeen is on our visiting list before reaching to Isfahan.

Day 12:

a full day city tour in Isfahan is upon us. We will take to explore the famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square which is a UNESCO world heritage site. On each side of this square is a historical monument and each one has its own magnificent bewilderment. Afterwards we will take to see the Safavid palace of 40 columns or as the Iranians call it Chehel Sotun.

Day 13:

are you ready for another full day city tour in Isfahan? On our today’s list we have Vank cathedral, Maryam and Bedkhem Church, Jame mosque with its unique magnitude, and at last we will take to observe the historical bridges especially Si-o Se Pol aka bridge 33.

Day 14:

in the morning, via Natanz and Abyaneh we will head toward the city of Kashan. Meanwhile in the road we will visit Jame Mosque of Natanz and then to the ruby of the desert, the Abyaneh Village with its traditional local costumes and hospitable people. Finally, we will reach to Kashan.

Day 15:

we will explore, with half a day tour, some fantastic traditional Persian houses such as Tabatab’iha and Borouherd’iha house whom were of the greatest merchants of their time. While in Kashan we will send you to 7000 years ago by going to Tappe Siyalk where the remains of a long-gone-civilization stands still. Then, we will drive back to Tehran.

Day 16:

the departure day has come. We will transfer you to the IKA airport and farewell you to board the home bound flight. Bon voyage!


Iran 15 day tour – Iran two weeks tour

If you are planning to come to Iran, the best way to experience Iran full is via Iran 15 day tour. To know more about this Iran tour 2 week please know that this is not a fixed plan and it can change so it can be according to your wishes; the plan is flexible.
By choosing this Iran 14 day tour or Iran 16 day tour you have nothing to worry about because we have set whatever is needed for a complete visit of Iran in this tour.
Iran two weeks tour has enough time to experience the country and its historical monuments and stories to the fullest. If you sign up for this Iran tour 2 week you will have the opportunity to know the rich culture of Iran along with connecting with the warm-hearted and most hospitable people.
Iran 15 day tour offers you the chance to visit famous cities of Iran know in the world. You will even have the chance to travel back to almost seven thousand years ago and understand how people of that era made a living.

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