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In this section, we strive to provide a concise guide on acquiring the tourist Iran Visa  for foreign nationals. As the process of Iranian Visa can be slightly different, you can have a better view on details such as the Iran Visa Policy, the Iran Visa Authorisation Code, Iran Visa On Arrival, Iran Visa Application Form, Iran Visa Cost (Iran Visa Fees) , Iran Visa Validity, etc. as you scroll down.


#1 Iranian Visa for Tourists

Iranian Visa for tourists or Iran Tourist Visa (visa type B) is the most common Iranian Visa type. It is suitable for all foreign nationals who intend to visit Iran for less than 30 days for tourism purposes or family visit (relatives of foreign nationals residing in Iran).

The Iran Visa process can take up to an average 10 business days, or more depending on nationality and certain restriction. Iran Tourist Visa refusal rate is quite low and unless your purpose and circumstances of visit are not convincing, you can rest assured you will receive your visa without a hitch.

Certain foreign nationals such as US, UK and Canadian citizens are subject to restrictions with acquiring their Iran Visa due to some political considerations:

  1. They are not eligible to apply for electronic Iran Visa On Arrival, but only in advance through the Iranian Embassy/Consulate
  2. They are required to travel in  Iran via pre-arranged escorted tours by authorized tour operators.


#2 Iran Visa Process for Tourists

The key step to getting the Iran Visa is the  Iran Visa Authorization Code or the Iran Visa Reference Number or Iran Visa Grant Notice.

Steps to get Iran Visa:

  1. Fill out the electronic Iran Visa Application Form and upload requested documents via the MFA E-Visa website of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Verify your E-mail address, as instructed. (Any future correspondence regarding the status of your Iranian Visa application is done through this email.)
  3. Print out the Application Submission Notice. (For Iran Visa on Arrival, a hardcopy of Submission Notice must be presented to the Visa-On-Arrival counter at Iranian International Airports.)
  4. Some applicants may be required to attend an interview with a consular officer, in which case, date and place of interview will appear upon termination of E-mail verification process.
  5. Upon Visa Application approval, you will receive your Iran Visa Authorisation Code within 10 business days approximately via E-mail. (Processing times differ depending on submitted documents, nationality, etc.)
  6. Appear at the designated Iranian Embassy/Consulate to pay the Visa Fee  and submit your passport to have your Iranian Visa sticker attached. You may receive E-Visa in PDF format, in which case you need to print it in A4 and have it at hand until the end of your stay in Iran. or in case of Visa on Arrival, submit the hardcopy of your Iran Visa Authorization Code (letter) at the Visa-On-Arrival counter at the Iranian International Airport of entry.
  • Iran Visa Validity: 03 months from date of entry with maximum stay of 30 days.

Iran Visa Policy -  the Iran Visa Authorisation Code - Iran Visa On Arrival -  Iran Visa Application Form  - Iran Visa Cost (Iran Visa Fees)  - Iran Visa Validity


#3 What is ’’Iran Visa Authorisation Code’’?

What is ’’Iran Visa Authorisation Code’’? Iran Visa Authorization Code, Iran Visa Reference Number, Iran Visa Grant Notice or Iran Visa Approval mean the same:  Your Iranian Visa application was processed and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and you are eligible to enter Iran at your proposed date of entry.

“Iran Visa Reference Number” is in fact a letter you receive in PDF format via your verified e-mail. The Letter contains:

  • application ID and details,
  • Grant details such as:
  •  Visa type,
  •  Iran Visa Validity
  • Permitted duration of stay,
  • Number of entries,
  • Place of lodgment ( The Iranian Embassy/Consulate, or airport you specified on your Iran Visa application)

IMPORTANT: Iran Visa Authorization Code has limited validity from the date of issue, depending on the specified place of collection of your Iranian Visa:

  • 01 month : at the Iranian Embassy/Consulate
  • 03 months :On Arrival at Iranian International Airports

Exceeding the validity date leads to revocation of your Iran Visa and you will need to reapply.

Iran Visa Policy -  the Iran Visa Authorisation Code - Iran Visa On Arrival -  Iran Visa Application Form  - Iran Visa Cost (Iran Visa Fees)  - Iran Visa Validity

Iran Visa Authorisation Code Example

#4 Iran Visa Requirements for Tourists:

  1. Passport with at least 06-month validity
  2. Visa Authorization Code (Visa Reference Number)
  3. Travel Insurance valid in Iran
  4. Pre-arranged tour itinerary (for British, US and Canadian passport holders who must travel on escorted tours by tour operators in Iran )
  5. Iran Visa Stamp Fee (to be paid at the specified Iranian Embassy or on arrival at the airport of entry)

Iranian Visa Online Application Document Upload Requirements:

Iran Visa Policy -  the Iran Visa Authorisation Code - Iran Visa On Arrival -  Iran Visa Application Form  - Iran Visa Cost (Iran Visa Fees)  - Iran Visa Validity

Iran Visa Photo Example

#5 Apply for Iran Visa Directly or via MFA-authorized Travel Agencies?

Apply for Iran Visa Directly or via MFA-authorized Travel Agencies? Both options are possible:

Applying for Iranian Visa directly, you only need to pay the Iran Visa fee.

MFA-authorized Travel Agencies complete the online application process on behalf of you to retrieve your Visa Authorization Code:

  1. at an added service fee (Visa fee is not included and must be paid by the applicant at the Iranian Embassy/Consulate or on arrival)
  2. with higher chance of getting your Iranian Visa due to their ties and organizational credibility
  3. within a shorter time than when applied directly, probably!
Iran Visa Policy -  the Iran Visa Authorisation Code - Iran Visa On Arrival -  Iran Visa Application Form  - Iran Visa Cost (Iran Visa Fees)  - Iran Visa Validity

Iran Visa Application Form on


#6 Iran Visa On Arrival (e-VOA) / Ineligible Nationalities

Iran Visa On Arrival (e-VOA): Upon receiving the Iran Visa Authorisation Code, tourists can collect their Iranian Visa upon entry at Iran International Airports at Visa-On-Arrival counters, presenting their Iran Visa Reference Number (letter) or the Visa Application Submission Notice in hardcopy.

  • Waiting Time: It may take between 30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours. If you haven’t applied online for your visa before your arrival, it may take longer to be confirmed and issued, in which case you are recommended to have a recent photo of yourself available.
  • Iran Visa fees are extra for collection on Arrival.
  • Iranian Visa fees must be paid in cash ONLY (in Euro or USD)- credit cards are not acceptable anywhere in Iran.
  • A travel insurance plan must be purchased at the airport, if not purchased already.

To avoid waste of time, it is strongly recommended to have received your Iran Visa Authorization Code prior entry in Iran; Or to have applied online for the Iranian Visa and received the Submission Notice 2 days in advance of entry in Iran.

Remember Wifi availability in Iranian airports are not always guaranteed, so print out necessary documents before departure.

IMPORTANT: Citizens of the following countries are NOT eligible to use the Electronic Visa-On-Arrival service and need to collect their Visa at the specified Iranian Embassy/Consulate in advance of their trip:

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia


#7 Iran Visa-Exempt Countries

Iran Visa-Exempt Countries: Citizens of the following 10 countries do not need Iranian Visa to travel to Iran. They only need their passports with at least 06-month validity to enter and stay in Iran for an specified time:

Republic of Azerbaijan (14 days), Turkey (90 days), Syria (90 days), Lebanon (30 days), Georgia (45 days), Armenia (90 days within 180 days), Egypt (20 days), Malaysia (15 days), Venezuela, Bolivia


#8 Iran Visa Fees

Iran Visa Fees,  differ depending on nationality, visa type, number of entries and duration of stay. Moreover, Iran Visa cost
On Arrival slightly more than Iran Visa fees at Iranian Embassies/Consulates.

Please note Iranian visa fees are determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and are subject to change without prior notice.


*Iran Visa Fees On Arrival for Different Nationalities

Iran Visa On Arrival Fees for Different Nationalities:Payment of Iran Visa On Arrival fees must be in CASH ONLY (Euro or equivalent USD) at the banks at Iran International Airports, considering payment via credit card is not available in Iran.

Algeria: €30 Ghana: €75 Poland: €75
Angola: €85 Greece: €75 Portugal: €75
Argentina: €70 Hong Kong: €80 Qatar: €75
Armenia: FREE Hungary: €75 Romania: €75
Australia: €145 India: €90 Russia: €70
Austria: €75 Indonesia: €45 Saudi Arabia: €30
Azerbaijan: FREE Iraq: €50 Senegal: €50
Bahrain: €20 Ireland: €75 Serbia: €85
Bangladesh: €40 Island: €75 Sri Lanka: €40
Belgium: €75 Italy: €75 Singapore: €75
Brazil: €80 Ivory Coast: €60 Slovenia: €75
Bulgaria: €75 Japan: €60 Slovakia: €75
Cameron: €60 Kenya: €60 South Africa: €80
Chile: €120 Kuwait: €60 South Korea: €50
China: €100 Lebanon: FREE Spain: €75
Croatia: €50 Lithuania: €75 Sudan: €60
Cyprus: €75 Magnolia: €70 Sweden: €75
Czech Republic: €75 Malaysia: FREE Switzerland: €75
Denmark: €75 Mexico: €45 Syria: Free
Dominican: €70 Morocco: €30 Tanzania: €60
Egypt: Free Morris: €60 Thailand: €75
Eritrea: €40 Mozambique: €40 Tunisia: €45
Estonia: €75 Netherlands: €75 Turkey: Free
Ethiopia: €25 New Zealand: €150 Uganda: €100
Finland: €75 Nigeria: €55 Ukraine: €80
France: €75 Norway: €75 United Arab Emirates: €100
Gabon: €75 Oman: €75 Uzbekistan: €70
Georgia: FREE Palestine: €45 Venezuela: €45
Germany: €75 Philippines: €55 Yemen: €40


** Iran Visa Fees at the Interest Section of Iran in Washington DC, USA

BRAZIL: $78 IRAQ: 45 $ RUSSIA: $52
CANADA: $65 MEXICO: $40 SUDAN: $52
FRANCE: $65 PAKISTAN: $50 UK: $234
GERMANY: $65 PERU: $52 USA: $80


*** Iran Visa Fees at the Iranian Embassy in Paris, France

Afghanistan: €80 UK: €180 Madagascar: €40
Australia: €100 France: €50 Netherlands: €50
Austria: €50 Germany: €50 Pakistan: €25
Belgium: €50 India: €30 Portugal: €50
Brazil: €60 Iraq: €35 Spain: €50
Canada: €50 Italy: €50 Sweden: €50
China: €40 Japan: €40 Switzerland: €50
Denmark: €50 Luxemburg: €50 Tunisia: €25


#9 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Citizens of what countries cannot get Iran visa?

Israeli passport holders, and whoever with an Israeli stamp in their passport (or exit stamps at the relevant Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings into Israel), will not get a visa.


2. Can British, American, and Canadian passport holders get Iran visa easily?

American, British, and Canadian passport holders are welcome, but only are allowed to visit Iran if they are accompanied by an authorized tour guide. In this case, you can organize a tour before you arrive.


3. Should women wear hijab for their Iran Visa Application Form photo?

No. Hijab is not needed for the photo of your Iranian visa application form.


* Have you more questions or need more informations?

Leave us comments here. We’ll give you a detailed answer quickly here.

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