Essence Of Iran (1)

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The ‘Essence of Iran (1)’ tour begins and ends in Tehran. As the name suggests, you can experience some parts of the Iran’s best sites in the shortest time possible. The tour includes 5 top major and historical cities of Iran along with 1 or 2 workshops which can be added to your itinerary depending on your interest and the season of your trip. ‘Essence of Iran’ tour can be designed as a private tour or for small groups; and that consists of accommodation (hotels normally), breakfasts, driver, and professional tour guide.

1 Work Shop (Carpet weaving or Pottery)
♦  1 Day desert experience

9 Days / Price ~ 1030 $ 

Based On 4-star Hotels

6 Cities | 1 Workshops | Desert Experience | 1 Village


9 Days & 10 nights
All Breakfasts & Lunches
Includes all transfers, guides and porters
Beginner – intermediate max. 5 hours in a day

Tour Itinerary

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You will be warmly welcomed and picked up from airport. Afterwards, transfer to the hotel for check-in is on the schedule. You will rest for the day

We begin the day by walking into the depth of Iran’s history; a place to find the thousand-years-old myths and ancient signs of civilizations; the National Museum of Iran. Not far from the museum, there is one of the most astonishing royal palaces of Iran located near the Grand Bazaar of Tehran; and that is the Golestan Palace.

In addition to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, Golestan Palace, and the carpet museum, we will visit the 6th tallest building in the world, the Milad Tower as our last stop. We will spend the night in Tehran.

A direct flight to Shiraz; it is the only way in which you can pass by the great plateau of Iran in just a few hours and get to the city of poetry with pleasant weather. After check-in and a short rest in the hotel we will head toward the Vakil Complex.

Right after our visit we will have lunch and then we will go the Arg-e KarimKhani or the Karim Khan Castle; a strong fortified citadel showing off in the heart of the city of Shiraz even after hundreds of years. Afterwards, it is best to rest and be prepared for a full day tour of Shiraz.

It is time for the best of Shiraz. Early in the morning is your best chance to take beautiful shots of your Iran journey in the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque also known as kaleidoscopic mosque. Then it is time to visit the gorgeous Bagh-e Narenjestan or the Narenjestan Garden and then to have lunch.

Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) is our next stop; a masterpiece among the Persian gardens which would definitely mesmerize you as well. Poetry;s turn is up. Saadi and Hafez mausoleum (Aramgah-e Sa’di and Hafez) are our final stops of today. Do not forget to ask your tour guide about Fal-e Hafez (divination with the odes of Hafez) when you are at his mausoleum; and try one for yourself.

Early in the morning with a drive towards Persepolis ahead. We would probably be busy with the exploration of invaluable palaces and reliefs portraying the ancient civilizations by noon. Thanks to lots of sunlight, do not forget sunscreen and cap.

As our next destination, we will visit scriptures and amazing tombs of Naghsh-e Rostam and afterwards the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae. On our way to the ancient city of Yazd we will stop by the old Cypress of Abarkuh and discover the myth and history behind it. We will spend the night in Yazd.

We will start our exploration of the incredible Yazd by its oldest people; the Zoroastrians. You will get familiar with one of the oldest religions in the world by visiting Towers of Silence and the Fire Temple in which exists an eternal fire burning for more than thousands of years. Then, we will forward the time and reach to the Islamic era by paying a visit to the glorious Jameh Mosque of Yazd (the congregational mosque).

In our next stop, the Dolat Abad Garden we will get acquainted with the philosophy and pattern of Persian Gardens and after that, in Amir Chakhmagh Square, we will visit one of the most beautiful mosques of the city. This square is where you can buy delicious souvenirs of Yazd.

Our final stop of the day is Zurkhaneh; a place where religion, sport, and the collective spirit of the Iranian society is united.

Meybod is on our way to Esfahan. By walking in the Shah Abassi Caravanserai of Meybod you will travel back in time to when tired travelers arrived here to rest and to be safe. In this caravanserai you can visit the museum of Ziloo (an ancient type of refreshing and chilly carpet). What is more, you can check out the Ziloo workshops and add the experience of Ziloo weaving to your adventure of Iran.

The Pottery workshop of Meybod; where you can learn how to create pottery from scratch and from beginning to the end; in a city that has been the symbol of pottery among Iranians for decades.

Our next destination is the small town of Ardakan with its unique unrepeatable experience of walking in the Iranian Qanats, the underground water tunnels of the desert cities of Iran; just like a designed underground city to transport water.

We will spend the night in Esfahan.

Welcome to Esfahan! Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Ali Qapu, Abbasi Jameh Mosque, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are all the climax and the ultimate extent of Islamic art in the unique city of Esfahan.

After the excursion in and sightseeing of the Islamic Esfahan, it is time for Christian Esfahan. Vank Cathedral is an exclusive example of the mixture of Iranian art and Christian beliefs which is exactly located in the Christian neighbourhood of Esfahan.

The Bridges of Si-oSe Pol and Pol-e Khaju are our last stops of the lovely Esfahan. We will have another night in Esfahan and head for a desert of Iran the day after.

Matin Abad Desert Camp is located between Kashan and Esfahan. Camel riding, sand hikes, and Safari are the options that according to your interests can be included in your itinerary so you could experience in this camp. We will also taste local, natural, and traditional dishes in our lunch at Matin Abad Camp.
Small but beautiful city of Kashan awaits us, as our final destination of Iran trip. The Boroujerdiha House is where you can observe the details and secrets of a traditional original Persian house. And as the final stop we will go to historical Fin Garden with its stories to tell. Will a few hours’ drive we will get back to Tehran to rest and get ready for the flight back home.

What’s Included?


Considering the hotel ratings, you can choose your accommodation from 3 to 5 star hotels. For more details, you should fill out your application form so that we can choose your price packages.

Also, for the desert tours we can provide accommodation in high quality local ecolodges. You can include, in your package, staying in ecolodges in other cities as well.

Our entire tour guides are licensed by the Organization of Cultural Heritage of Iran. We have done our best to select the most professional tour guides of Iran and to assign them to the types of tours that matches their criteria of expertise.

Your tour guide has mastered English specifically in tourism field. However, if you insist on a French or German tour guides, you can include your request in your application form.

We will make every endeavor to make it happen.

Packages include all breakfasts and one dinner. We try to offer the types of Iranian food that match your taste and temperament during the tour.

In order for us to do so, you’d better notify us of any kind of allergies, sicknesses, or special diets in your application.

For vegetarians and vegans, we can provide especial Iranian dishes during the tour.

Also Light refreshments during the day are included: coffee, tea and snacks

The normal options of transportation in our tours are airplanes, trains, and VIP buses.

If you are interested in Private Tours, we can provide private cars as well; which in this case, regarding your application and the distance between cities, we will give you the best and most suitable offer.

Including flights during the tour. Domestic flights are generally preferred to optimize travel time during your tour.

During our tour, in case of your energy and desire, we can include more sites to our itinerary.

For instance, at the end of a day in the tour, you might still be interested in excursion in the city; or even a unique place might have attracted your attention during the tour.

We do our best to maximize your experience of Iran with full satisfaction.

Not Included:

Flights before and after tour (concerning your arrival and departure) are not part of our commitment.

You can plan for these flights yourself and we will assist you along the way.

Insurance is on you and necessary. Most countries encourage their travelers to use insurance while travelling abroad. So, make sure to acquire an insurance before travelling to Iran.

The lack of insurance can lead to tour cancellation or losing some parts of tours itinerary.

World Nomad’ is one of the best insurance providers of the world which Lonely Planet also proves and suggests it.

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FAQ & Details

You can read the complete information of applying for visa in this link.

In a nutshell, applying for Iran visa is simple and quick in most of the cases.

In order to do so, we will send your details and information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

After we receive the verification code, we will give it to you and you can apply for your visa by going to the embassy of Iran in your country. It is preferable if you would do this a few months before your trip.

Considering the wideness of Iran and long distances between some cities that we visit, the best and fastest transportation that can be suggested is domestic flights; specially for the beginning and the ending routes of our journey.

We would love to include more precious sites of Iran in your itinerary while saving your time by arranging flights. To achieve this, most of our tours include at least one flight in the beginning and end of each tour.

As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section, you are inclined to notify us of any special disease or special food habits while reserving the tour.

By the time we are aware of your situation, we do our best to offer you with the most favorable circumstances in which you can have a great time in Iran.

In the event of special weather, our tour guides are inclined to give you the best suggestions to maintain your safety and health.

Our aim is to make your experience of Iranian food a pleasurable part of your trip in Iran.

Iranian foods are entirely cooked with natural and healthy ingredients. All the restaurants that we dine in have valid healthy food certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In case of allergies or special diets, our tour guides will notify you of the ingredients of each meal before reserving it.

Iran with its hundreds of years of making handicrafts is like a heaven of souvenirs for tourists.

If you have intention of buying a carpet, edibles, handicrafts, and etc. you’d better ask for help from your tour guide.

During the tour, we will provide you with the opportunities to visit souvenir shops and to do your shopping. Also, we try to offer the best places and people to do your shopping from based on our years of experience.

In case of exchanging currency in Iran, consult your tour guide before doing anything else. Due to the unstable exchange rate in Iran, your tour guide would definitely give you the best suggestion relating to currency exchange.

You should also know that, unfortunately, it is not possible to use your credit cards in Iran.

It is possible to exchange currency in all cities of Iran; so there is no need in exchanging all of your money in Tehran. You can, however, buy souvenirs with Euros and Dollars in many shops.

Regarding financial issues, your tour guide will brief you before your tour begins; and will remind you whenever necessary.

Iran is a four-seasonal country.

For example, if you travel to Iran in Autumn, you might be surprised with a cold breeze in Imam Khomeini International Airport, while 2 days later, feeling a bit hot in the delightful Shiraz!

Hence, we advise you to bring cloths suitable for both hot and cold weather in case of travelling to Iran in Autumn or Spring. As for the Winter and Summer, you’d better bring the convenient cloths of the season.

One of our concerns as a tour operator is the issue of responsible tourism. Surely, as a responsible traveler you understand our concern and feel the same way.

Regarding this issue, we are effortlessly trying to be considerate and aware of some of the crucial and key points of sustainable tourism and the support of the local communities.

For instance, considering the immensity of the Bazaar of Tehran, all kinds of souvenirs are available for purchase; however, we recommend you to buy each souvenir from its own hometown where it is made in order to support the local community. This is merely a recommendation and we leave the decision making to you.

Other issues such as respecting the environment and the beliefs of the local community are both some of the important factors of sustainable tourism which we would hope you to respect as we would.