Tours to Iran from Australia

Tours to Iran from Australia: If you are searching for tours to Iran from Australia you are in the right place.

We have all the answers for applying for Iranian visa for Australia and also for travel to Iran from Australia just right here.


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Nothing can stop an Australian from travelling the world. Millions of Aussies yearly travel the world, however, some hesitate to take a tour to Iran from Australia.

Iran is a mysterious country to almost most of the people of the world; and this quality makes the tour to Iran from Australia quite an adventure, indeed. In this post we will provide you with the most useful information on tours to Iran from Australia.


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This post includes:

  • What makes us different?
  • Iran Visa for Australian citizens
  • Is Iran Safe for Tourists?
  • Dress Code in Iran
  • Best Time to Travel to Iran
  • Modes of Communication in Iran
  • Currency Exchange
  • Accommodation and Culinary Delights
  • Persian Handicrafts and Souvenirs
  • Sample Itinerary


#1 What Makes us Different at Iran Tours from Australia

What Makes Us Different at Iran Tours from Australia? We, Iran Tourismer team, are an Iran-based Tour Operator, among others with a unique difference: Responsible promotion of our beloved country is our top priority. We believe cultural exchange is the key to our success. To this end, we are hellbent on providing our customers an authentic experience of Iranian culture and heritage on our Iran Tours from Australia by  offering you:

  • Workshops of Carpet and Pottery: Persian handicrafts are well-lauded in the world, but how about a short visit to the behind the scenes of these magnificent expressions of art? Standing witness to the hard work and aesthetic finesse of Persian Carpet or ancient Iranian pottery in a traditional workshop are what we believe can contribute to your perception of Iranian heritage and soul.
  • Interesting people at their interesting jobs: On our tours to Iran from Australia, we invite you to meet authentic people at their intriguing jobs, whether it be an old Tehrani man at his petite traditional teahouse in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, or an experienced artisan at his workshop in Shiraz, etc.. you will have the immediate chance to take in the true Iranian spirit!
  • Customized Iran Tours for Australians: We aspire to accommodate your preferences of how you wish to experience Iran. Our country has the potential to amaze you in different ways; So we offer you our suggestions as natives of this country, to make possible a lasting experience of Iran for you.


#2  Iran Visa for Australian Citizens

Iran Visa for an Australian Citizen can be slightly different from other countries, in that for getting an Iran Visa all tourists need to, before appearing at the embassy, first acquire the ” Iran Visa Authorization Code” or ” Iran Visa Grant Notice”. As perplexing the phrase may sound, it is simply the notice by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that your visa application has been processed approved. To start the application process, you need to:

  1. Submit the electronic Iran Visa Application Form and requested documents via the MFA E-Visa website of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Within approximately 10 business days, your Visa Application will be approved and you will receive your Iran Visa Authorisation Code within 10 business days approximately via a veified E-mail. (Processing times can take longer depending on submitted documents, nationality, etc.)
  3. At this point, Australian citizens have the option of Visa-on-Arrival at Iranian International Airports, OR appear in person at the Iranian Embassy in Canberra, presenting the “Iran Visa Grant Notice”, their passport and the visa fee, to receive your Iran Visa.
  • Tip: We recommend to have your visa before arriving to the country, to avoid wasting of time at Visa Counters at airports. What matters most is that you should have your letter of Iran Visa Authorization Code with you on arrival to Iran.

You can read our full guide on the steps and details of getting Iran Visa via:  Iranian visa

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia - Get Iranian Visa

Iran tours from Australia – Iranian Visa For Australians


#3 Safety in Iran Tours from Australia

It has been indicated by many tourist that Iran is the safest country they have ever been into. It will be the same for an Australian visitor as well. Moreover, according to official statistics, (2019 Travel Risk Map)  Iran has been rated as safe as majority of countries of the world. If you wish to travel solo, there are no restrictions of movement for Australian citizens.

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You can also choose group or private Iran tours from Australia, in which case you feel the most safe you can feel. You will be accompanied with a professional tour guide who will be by your side along the journey.

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#4 Dress Code In Iran

Iranian State Law requires adults to dress modestly, and ladies wear a ”hijab” in public:

  • Female Dress Code: Adult Ladies are obligated to cover full body, wearing long-sleeved upper wear and pants or long skirts. As for the Hijab, a loose headscarf covering the hair and neck area is enough and showing part of hair is not frowned upon, like other Iranians.
  • Male Dress Code: Men are required NOT to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts in public.

Finally, contrary to popular fallacy, anyone is free to wear any color or pattern they wish to, as long as it is not offensive and conforms to the mentioned dress code. For more information please click here: Iran Dress Code


#5 When Is the Best Time for a Tour to Iran from Australia?

The Best Time to Visit Iran: Iran enjoys a wide variety of climates: from chilling cold and mountainous on the margins to hot and desert in the center, to humid on the coastlines throughout the year. So, tours of Iran from Australia are available throughout the year, depending on what aspect of Iran you wish to explore:

#1 High Season (Spring/Fall)

Typically, Iran Tours are scheduled during spring (March to May) and fall (September to November), as the temperature is mild across the country. As a local Iranian tour operator, we can offer eclectic Iran tours from Australia to enjoy Iran’s natural and cultural climate:

Please note: During Ramadan, which changes from year to year, and the Persian New Year on March 21st it is not the most suitable time to take a tour to Iran from Australia.

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia - Kerman - Shahdad

Iran tours from Australia (Shahdad Desert – Kerman)

#2 Low Season (Summer/Winter)

While underestimated during summer and winter, Iran has its unique wonders to offer for Iran tours from Australia during the low seasons:

During summer, not ordinarily toured western and northwestern cities of Iran enjoy a cool weather, due to being situated at the foothills of Iran’s two major mountain ranges: Alborz and Zagros. Hence, we offer you tailor-made tours to Iran from Australia to delight in the mesmerizing natural highlands, and 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites: such as Tabriz Historic Bazar Complex.

During winter, one can delight in winter sports in the slopes of Alborz mountain, north of Tehran, or visit a different face of Iran at the Persian Gulf coastline and islands, which are home to the aboriginal community, exotic wildlife, mysterious wilderness and Iran’s first National Geo Park.

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#6 Modes of Communication in Iran

Modes of Communication in Iran on Iran Tours from Australia is the same as other countries. While Wifi is available in most public centers, it is worth mentioning that access to Telegram and Facebook is only possible via VPN connection. All other social media apps are available without restriction.

Moreover, tourists can purchase cell phone plans by Iranian carriers, like MTN Irancell or MCI at the airports or in the city for constant internet access and phone calls during their stay. For more info, Click Here.


#8 Currency Exchange in Iran

Currency Exchange in Iran can be somewhat confusing to foreign tourist at first. So, taking into account the following points is necessary while planning your tours to Iran from Australia:

  • No Credit Cards : International Credit Cards like Visa Card or Master Card, etc. are not usable at all in Iran, due to banking sanctions.
  • Cash Only : Please be careful to bring the total expenses of your stay in Iran in CASH Dollars or Euros. Exchange houses are available throughout the city and at the airports of arrival. While the currency exchange rate at airports and hotels are different from in the city, it is highly recommended to change a small amount of your dollars at the airport and change the rest throughout your trip. (The exchange rate at airports and hotels are slightly higher and less to your advantage than the city offices.)
  • Rial and Toman : Iran’s official currency is Rial (as printed on Iranian bank notes). Yet, the popular currency is Toman ( 1 Toman = 10 Rials). This is usually confusing to foreigners, as price tags are found in both currencies (always stated next to the price as R for Rial or T for Toman). So it is always better to ask before paying the amount.
  • Rate Fluctuation : Slight Daily changes in exchange rates is normal in Iran.


#7 Accommodation and Culinary Delights

Accommodation and culinary delights: On tours to Iran from Australia, one can have a variety of choices for type of accommodation based on their budget and taste:

  • Modern hotels ranging from 2 to 5-star are available .
  • Boutique hotels: Historical houses turned into guest houses with modern amenities, while maintaining their traditional facade showcasing the Iranian historical architecture are tourist attractions on their own : From luxe options such as Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan (+300 years old) or Saraye Ameriha in Kashan, to more affordable ones.
  • Eco-lodges are also an affordable option to offer both comfort and a chance to  to get to know Iranian lifestyle especially in towns and villages.

Iranian gastronomy also counts as a manifestation of Iranian culture, in that it is quite different from the western cuisine. While not offering strange choices of food, Iranian cuisine is a combination of  large-portions of rice, traditional bread, stews and kebabs, served with green vegetables and traditional yoghurt. Iranian cuisine can stun western tourists for their large portion,  lacking variety of raw vegetables as in other countries, or vegetarian meal choices.

  • IMPORTANT: Consumption of pork and alcoholic drinks of any kind are against the religious laws, hence strongly forbidden., and basically not available at all.

You can read more about Persian Cuisine on Iranian Food


#8 Persian Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Persian Handicrafts and Souvenirs: Having more than 7000 years of recorded civilization, Iranian handicrafts are rich with cultural and technical authenticity. Here is a strenuous attempt to briefly list Iran’s most acclaimed tangible heritage:

  • Persian Rug and Carpet
  • Termeh : Yazd and Kerman are famous for their high quality Termeh.
  • Qalamkar (Persian Calico) :  Isfahan is the leading center of Qalamkar production in Iran.
  • Khatam : very delicate form of Persian marquetry. Shiraz and Isfahan are the top centers
  • Monabat: ancient Persian Wood Carving. Tabriz, Oroumieh, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman and Hamedan are the traditional centers for Moarragh and Monabat handicrafts.

Yazd, Meybod, Hamedan, Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz are among the top Pottery centers of Iran.

  • Mina : Persian metal enameling. Isfahan is the most prominent center for Mina crafts.
  • Ghalamzani : Ancient Persian metal Engraving; like the famous Achaemenid Lion Rhyton! Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz are the famed centers of this craft.
  • Turquoise Inlay : A Persian technique of inlaying turquise on metal vessels.
  • Saffron
  • Traditional Sweets and Pastry:
  • Herbal Syrups

For a complete list of Iranian Souvenirs : Persian Souvenirs


Sample Iran Tour from Australia

We have made you available with the 7 days itinerary of Iran tour from Australia. This itinerary can be customized by your needs and wishes.


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Day 1 – Tehran

Have a short rest in one of Tehran’s hotel after arriving in Iran’s capital, Tehran. Spend the rest of the day visiting Golestan palace and Bazar then have your dinner in Darband mountain area, O/N Tehran

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Golestan Palace – Tehran)

Day 2 – Shiraz

Give your morning flight to Shiraz‏. Devote the rest of your day to visit Vakil complex. You can find Iranian handicrafts in there, O/N Shiraz

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Vakil Complex – Shiraz)

Day 3 – Shiraz

Visit outside the city sightseeings; Persepolis, or Takht-e Jamshid in Persian (One of the world-historical heritage sites in Iran) and Naqsh-e-Rostam then come back to the city and visit Eram garden and Hafeziye, O/N Shiraz

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Persepolise – Shiraz)

Day 4 – Shiraz

Pay Nasirol Molk a visit then choose Pasargadae (One of the world-historical heritage sites in Iran) to get to Yazd by car. Spend your time by seeing Amir Chakhmag locating at Chakhmagh square of Yazd, O/N Yazd

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Pink mosque – Yazd)

Day 5 – Yazd

Dedicate your time and yourself to fully explore the desert-surrounded city, Yazd and its must-see places such as Zoroastrian fire temple, Yazd Jame mosque, tower of silence, Dolat Abad garden, Fahadan area, O/N Yazd

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Zoroastrian Fire Temple – Yazd)

Day 6 – Isfahan

Plan to get to Isfahan about afternoon; also, plan to visit Atigh Jame mosque and Vank cathedral, O/N Isfahan

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Vank Cathedral – Isfahan)

Day 7 – Isfahan

The famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Safavid Palace of 40 columns/ Chehel Sotun are the must-see places that you must visit before leaving Isfahan for Abyaneh.

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

Iran tours from Australia (Sheykh Lotf Allah mosque – Isfahan)

Day 8 – Kashan

In the morning, drive to Abyaneh; then continue your way to Kashan and end your journey by visiting Fin garden and Tabatabae House. Finally, drive to the airport and have a flight to home.

Tours to Iran from Australia - Iran Tours Australia - Iran tours from Australia

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