Prepaid SIM Card in Iran; A full guide to buy and run Mobile Sim card in Iran

prepaid SIM Card in Iran: Finding a mobile SIM Card in Iran or prepaid SIM Card in Iran are the most common questions among the people who are planning to travel to Iran. In this article you’ll know the answer to such questions: Does Irancell SIM Card has prepaid form ? Is There Any International SIM Card For Iran ? Where To Buy Irancell SIM Card ? What’s Irancell SIM Card Price? How Iran SIM Card Internet works ? Where’s SIM Card Tehran airport ? how to buy Irancell SIM Card?


#1 What Is The Best Mobile SIM Card In Iran ?

save money by using an Iranian local SIM Card

If you’re about to travel to Iran and wondering how you can keep in touch with your family without making any expensive international calls; well, mobile SIM card in Iran is the answer. Two the most popular operators in Iran are Hamrah-e Aval and Irancell. Iranian SIM cards are in permanent and prepaid forms. Here, we wanna talk about Irancell specifically.


Why Irancell?

  1. Irancell is greatest operator in Iran which provides customers a solid network and appropriate services.
  2. Its network coverage is great in almost everywhere; although, in some parts of the country you may run out of reception like mountains and deserts.
  3. The operator is trying to provide the best internet service at the fastest speed; so you can make voice and video calls without any problem.


#2 What’s Prepaid SIM Card in Iran ?

This type of SIM Card can be the best choice for travelers since its price is more reasonable than international sim cards and you can manage your call costs. Besides the fact that you can buy your required airtime, it’s easy to recharge.

Irancell offers Visitors SIM Card for tourists which is valid just for one month.


#3 What’s Irancell SIM Card Price?

You can purchase one of these three prepaid Visitor SIM Card Tariffs :

  • Visitor SIM Card 1: includes 2.000 Tomans initial airtime and 1.5 GB Internet data. The package price is 16.000 Tomans
  • Visitor SIM Card 2: includes 14.000 Tomans initial airtime and 3 GB Internet data. The package price is 31.000 Tomans.
  • Visitor SIM Card 3: includes 22.000 Tomans initial airtime and 5 GB Internet data. The package price is 46.000 Tomans.

For more information, you can visit the Irancell website our check services in Irancell valid Stores.


#4 How To Buy Irancell SIM Card?

you must have your passport to buy Irancell SIM Card from valid stores and booths.

Mobile Sim card in Iran prepaid sim card in iran


#5 Where To Buy Irancell SIM Card?

  • airport and borderlines
    After airplane landing the nearest place to buy prepaid SIM Card in Iran is Imam Khomeini international airport of Tehran, also in borderlines there are valid booths.
  • Metro Stations
    Nearest next two places are metro stations: Imam Hossein and Imam Khomeini metro stations.
  • valid stores in the cities


#6 How to activate Irancell sim card?

as soon as placing Visitor SIM Card into your cell phone, you can start making phone calls and texting messages.
Mobile SIM Card in Iran has a restricted access to some websites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube.


#7 How can I recharge my Irancell  SIM Card?

You can easily recharge your SIM Card whether with top up cards or Iranian debit cards.

Mobile Sim card in Iran prepaid sim card in iran


  • Top up cards
    • Top up cards are available at stores, newspaper booths, and valid centers. It comes in the forms of 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 Tomans.
      To add credit, dial *144*Voucher PIN# and to check your balance, dial *141*1#
  • My Irancell Application
    • If you have an Iranian debit card and its internet password is activated, using this app would be a piece of cake! You can download it from here.


#8 Iran SIM Card Internet:

Iran SIM Card Internet offers customers a wide range of Internet packages.‏ For more information on the Internet, packages visit this site or you can use your My Irancell app on your phone, but you’ll need your Iranian debit card and its Internet password.


#9 Is There Any International SIM Card For Iran ?

International SIM Card for Iran is another way of being in touch with others. There are several international SIM cards for Iran like ekit, Global SIM, and World SIM. You can visit their website and order online.
The cost is lower than when your roaming is activated but after all a local SIM Card helps you to manage your money and calls; Plus, it’s cheaper to buy and the paperwork is less.


emergency numbers :

You can call these numbers even if you’re out of credit:

  • Police 110
  • Ambulance 115
  • Fire station 125


Countries and cities dialing codes :

  • Iran: 0098
  • America: 0‏ 01
  • Canada: ‏001
  • Tehran: 0
  • Isfahan: 031
  • Shiraz: 071


landline number

To dial any‏ landline number with your cell phone, you must put destination city dialing code first and then put your destination code. For instance: if I wanna dial my friend’s home in Tehran with my cell phone; I dial this number: 021-12345678


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