Shiraz City Tourism; Heaven And History Combined

Shiraz City Tourism: From stunning architectural delights to diverse natural landscapes, Shiraz city Iran is as poetic as it can get. Over 2000 years, the city of Shiraz has been involved in making the history and glory. During all these years, the city of Shiraz Iran has become the synonym for nightingales, poetry, and wine. Not only Shiraz city is home for its glorious poets Hafez and Sa’di but also is well-known for its magnificent architectural monuments. Shiraz history is interesting to hear and enjoyable to watch.


Shiraz General Information

  • Shiraz Meaning:

    • According to the Iranian myths, Shiraz was the son of Tahmoures. He was the one to create the city and named it after himself . Another Shiraz meaning, according to the discovered Elamite tablets in 1970 from Persepolis the name ‘Tirazis‘ or ‘Shirazis‘ is mentioned.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City


  • Shiraz City Iran Population

    • During the course of time, Shiraz population experienced a sudden decrease in the time of Afghan raids and subsequently during Nader-Shah (August 1688 – 19 June 1747) reign. Now as the fifth most-populated city of Iran, almost 1.800.000 people live currently in the city of Shiraz Iran. About Shiraz people, tourists have largely described them super friendly and easy-going.
Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City

People of Shiraz


  • Shiraz City Iran  Religion

    • Islam is the religion of most of the people in city o Shiraz. Other religions exist, too. Muslims, Jews, and Christian are living together happily. Christian compatriots, especially the Protestant sect, such as Anglican and Presbyterian, live in Shiraz, and there is a church for the Armenian and other churches for the Englishman in this city.


  • Shiraz City Iran  Economy‏‏

    • Fertile lands have caused the most quality products to be exported to other cities or even countries. Various large factories, including the dairy factory and the existence of the industrial economy town in Shiraz, have caused the city’s economic dynamism; also, Shiraz tourism is a large part of economy and Shiraz government creates many divisions that facilitate your trip.


What is Shiraz City Famous for?

1. City of Poets: for Iranian and everyone who loves poetry city of Shiraz has a special place. Sa’adi and Hafez are the greatest poets among the poets of the World which make Shiraz a destination for travelers.

2. Vakil Complex:  Vakil complex is a Bazaar in Shiraz tourism that you can find high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can easily find Masqati, Youkheh, and Faloodeh (Iranian sweets) and also handicrafts in the complex. Saraye Moshir is also a must-see place located in there.

3. Takht-e Jamshid: ‏‏ it’s on the to-do list of every traveler who wants to visit Shiraz tourism.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City

Persepolis – Shiraz


Facts about Shiraz city Iran:

1. The city of Shiraz after Tabriz and Tehran is the third largest city in Iran, where its municipality was founded

2. Fars province was nominated for the title of the world’s second-largest literary city at UNESCO, but it didn’t win because of lack of governmental follow-up.

4. Fars province is famous for poetry, garden, flower, and nightingale.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City

Eram Garden – Shiraz City


What are the most important events in Shiraz history?

1. Shiraz city was an important region that connects vital cities during the Sassanid dynasty

2. Fars province suffered neglect and population loss through the Afghan raids and subsequently during Nader-Shah reign. However, the city soon returned to prosperity.

3. The enlightened Karim Khan, the first ruler of the short-lived Zand dynasty made Shiraz the national capital

4. In the history of Shiraz city kept prospering due to its position on the main trade road until the opening of the trans-Iranian railway in the 1930s.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City -

Vakil Complex – Shiraz City


Shiraz Architecture

To talk about Shiraz architecture we can divide it into two main categories:

1. Achaemenid dynasty architecture

Not much of this kind of architecture is inside the city of Shiraz but not far from where the city is located today. The main architectural remains are for palaces of the capitals of the Achaemenid dynasty, Persepolis and also for the tombs of its great kings, Pasargadae.

These era’s architecture mainly dealt with woods and stones (ashlar). Some of the tombs are carved inside of mountains and should be one of your top Shiraz historical places to visit.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City

Persepolis – Shiraz


2. Zand era Architecture

Shiraz city tourism development mostly relies on the Zand dynasty architectures. From the royal district of Args (=citadels) to mosques and Persian gardens Shiraz tourist attractions have a lot to offer. Since Karim Khan wanted to build a city competing with Esfahan, Shiraz architecture materials were love and colors. Numerous works of wall paintings, astonishing tile works, and also a revival of textile and cloth weaving were just some of his efforts.

The art and architecture in his reign work as a bridge from the Safavid dynasty to Qajar dynasty (1785 to 1925).

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City -

Nasir-ol Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque) – Shiraz City


Shiraz tourism has lots of delicious dishes that you should try:

1. Kalam Polo Shirazi: it’s a unique cuisine that fresh herbs give it a fresh taste

2. Yakhni Shirazi: it’s Iranian Dizi but in Shiraz, they eat it differently.

3. Ghormeh Beh: it’s a sweet meal but you won’t understand until you taste it!

4. Eshkaneh Shirazi: In the preparation of this meal, they use onions, eggs, fenugreek, dry mint, salt, and turmeric. It’s a dish with a very old history.

5. Rob Polo: it’s a meatless dish. we recommend you to serve it with Shirazi Salad.

shiraz city 0 Shiraz tourism


What can I buy as a souvenir in Shiraz?

1. Plant Extracts: you can find high-quality extracts and take them as souvenirs.

2. Sweets: Youkhe and Masqati are the most popular in Shiraz tourism.

3. Handicrafts: Repoussé and chasing art, Inlaid and other Persian arts are the arts that are available in Shiraz tourism specially Saraye Moshir.

Shiraz City - Shiraz Tourism



shiraz historical places are:

1. Persian gardens: While visiting Persian gardens of the city of Shiraz, you can also enjoy the magnificent mansions inside each garden; artistically designed to soothe your soul.

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2. Magnificent mosques: The game of light and colors is splendid in the mosques of Shiraz city. Due to the elegant colored glass works of the windows, in the morning, if you step into one of these mosques you will find yourself drowning in the sea of colors.

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3. Achaemenid UNESCO world heritage site: However, the main tourists’ motive for visiting Shiraz tourism attractions is to pay a visit to the ruins of the capital of Achaemenid dynasty, Persepolis (550 BC to 330 BC). This extraordinary site is the apple of the eye of Shiraz tourism

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4. Mausoleums: Shiraz is the eternal resting place of great poets like Hafez and Sa’di. As you step inside their mausoleum you find your poetic self, rising inside of you and you can feel the smooth and brightness of their poems in your veins.

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5. Old bazar complex: Consisting of the bathhouse, royal arg, ancient bazaar, old mosque and all other elements of the Zand dynasty architecture, the old bazaar complex truly worth paying a visit.

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What is the best season to travel to Shiraz city in Iran?

Shiraz weather has distinct seasons but mostly has a hot semi-arid climate.

Spring: cool weather with cool winds. Sometimes it starts to rain. It’s the best time to visit Shiraz city.

Summer: It has a warm and dry air season

Fall: Fairly cool weather with rain. It’s time to put on warmer clothes!

Winter: Fairly moderate weather with rainfall. It’s also cold and you need to take your warm clothes.

Shiraz Tourism - Shiraz City

Hafiz Tomb – Shiraz City


Shiraz Tourist Information

Down below are the most useful Shiraz tourist information that one needs for visiting the city.

By plane: Shiraz International Airport’ have both international and domestic flies. You can get to Shiraz airport by bus or taxi. The metro station has not yet been built far enough to the airport.

Public relations Tell: +98  37118020-071

By train: daily trains from Tehran to Shiraz, however, it has no stop in Esfahan. So if you are in Esfahan taking a bus is recommended.

Tell: +98 713 6201776 – 713 6200321 – 713 6201815

By bus: Shiraz bus terminal is mostly used by locals because it is well connected to the other parts of the country. Although it is highly recommended even for tourist because you can save a lot of time.

Southwest Amir Kabir Terminal: Tell: +98 713 38335470

Shahid Modares Terminal in East:  Tell: +98 713 7270413

Kar Andish Terminal: Tell: +98 713 732 765

Centralized Sepidan Terminal in Northwest:  Tell: +98 713 726 9888


Shiraz Transportation inside the city:

The most convenient way for tourist is to use a taxi. Don’t be alarmed if an unmarked taxi stops for you because many taxis are means of local’s second job; however preferably use a taxi.


Shiraz Tourist information

Shiraz Tourist office

Shiraz tourism has a Shiraz tourist office which is located in a booth outside the Arg-e Karim Khan. They speak English and can give you helpful Shiraz tourist information tips and English maps.

If you are staying in a hotel or hostel the reception desk is there to help you.


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