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Eram Garden is a historic Persian Garden in Shiraz city. The history of the garden allegedly goes back to 11th century, Seljuk era. However, it has gone through numerous renovations until late 19th century. The current 3-storey pavilion was constructed based on Safavid and Qajar style of architecture, in late 19th century. As a UNESCO World Heritage, Eram Garden Shiraz counts as one of Shiraz tourist attractions.

Eram Garden is now a property of Shiraz University, being turned into a botanical garden. The mansion has also been assigned to the Faculty of Law of the university.

Eram Garden opening hours and address are included in the end.


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Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.

By Rumi

Once upon a time there was an Arab ruler who wanted to build one of the gardens of heaven on earth; inspired by the Eram garden mentioned in the Holy Quran (the holy book of Muslims). But unluckily, before being able to enter the garden he had built he vanishes from the face of the earth along with the garden.

Some researchers believe that Eram Garden Shiraz is an attempt of imitating that garden. Truth or not, Baq-e Eram (Eram Garden) is truly a heaven like garden.


#1 Important Facts About Eram Garden

#1 The accurate date of establishment of the Bagh e Eram is not known. However, the name appears in the 16th century Safarnamehs (=journals, travelogue)

 Eram Garden -

Photo By @lorenzo.vanny on Instagram

#2 In the course of 75 years (late Zand Dynasty), Bagh-e Eram was occupied by Qashqai clan and later, was sold to a Khan of Qajar who started renovation and construction in the premises.

Eram Garden -

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#3 After the collapse of Pahlavi Dynasty, the Bagh-e Eram was given to the University of Yazd and somehow was turned into a botanical Garden.


#2 Eram Garden Architecture

The whole garden’s plan is rectangular. The main palace looks towards east and faces the big pool and the garden.

The main palace is not accessible to the public but the view do does the justice of the beauty of the building. The three storey mansion is a fine example of the Qajar art.

Eram Garden -

Photo By @borisnokovitch on Instagram

The 2nd floor’s pillars are an imitation of Persepolis. The main panel shows the legendary Sassanid king, Khosrau, coming across the Armenian princess Shirin bathing while to the right is the Quranic story describing how the beauty of the prophet Yusuf (Joseph) caused the ladies in Pharaoh’s court to cut their fingers while peeling fruit.

Eram Garden -

Photo By @Shiraz_Update on Instagram

Above, the meeting of King Soleyman (Solomon) and the Queen of Sheba, Bilqis, is depicted. The drawings are mostly depicted from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh.


#3 The Botanical Garden

From all over the world the plants are gathered here to create a view that you can never forget. In every corner the green nature invites you for a moment of contemplation.

Eram Garden -

Cypress trees are common in the Eram Garden, nevertheless, there is a 3000 years old cypress tree in the garden which is called Sarv-e Naz (nice cypress); the tallest of cypresses in Shiraz.

In May, the roses are in their best mood to show off to you. You can’t get enough of them since so many of them are there!


#4 The Rest Of The Garden

If you are lucky, the section of the traditional clothing of Shiraz would be open in the Eram Garden to lend you some outfits and take pictures of you as you have travelled in time.

Drinking the Famous Faloodeh Shirazi (Shiraz’s original traditional drink) in the air of Bagh-e Eram is refreshing.

Museum of mineralogy is located in the Eram Garden as well. Storing more than 140 valuable and rare stones displaying for the public.


Eram Garden Opening Hours

Everyday, 8 AM to 8:30 PM

Eram Garden Address

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Betty.g · July 11, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Eram garden is one of the must-sees in Shiraz. I visited Shiraz in May 2017, and Eram Garden was a joyous visit, with the luscious garden and the morning quiet!

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