Kashan Tourism [Kashan City] in Iran, an Alluring Destination

Kashan Tourism [Kashan City]: Everybody in Iran knows Kashan city with its ceremonies. Gol Ab Giri is the most famous among them. Kashan city Iran is near Iran’s desert and it’s a destination for those who want to spend a night in the desert; in addition to, Kashan tourism has lots of must-see places that you shouldn’t miss. Once you get to know Kashan history, you’ll understand Kashan architecture better. At the end, we’ll tell you how you can get Kashan tourist information.


General Informations about City of Kashan Iran

Kashan City Location

The delightful oasis city of Kashan Iran is located at the center of Iran, in the northern part of Isfahan province. It also is considered as a destination for those who are interested in traveling to deserts. Kashan City in Iran eventuates towards the mountains on one side and to the Dasht-e Kavir from the other side. The city of Kashan Iran is elevated 946 meters from sea level and the population counts 364,482 people.


Kashan City Population

Based on the latest statistics, Kashan city Iran has about 365 thousand population.


Kashan City Religion

Kashan history shows that one of the characteristics of Kashan county people is the importance of religious occasions among them. The city was considered as one of the religious cities from the beginning. people of Kashan city in Iran are Muslims and the Islamic resources mention them together with people of Qom to be Shia’s.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Moharam Decade in Kashan


Some resources of Kashan city reference the existence of an important community in Kashan county, which belief in Jewry, and announces that Jewry dates back to Safavid period. In all probability, the Jews resided at suburbs and later turned to Islam.


Kashan City Language

People of Kashan city in Iran talk the Persian language with the accent known as Kashani, Kashi or Kashavi. In the past, the Jews of this city were talking in a language similar to Raji Language of the suburbs.


Kashan City Economy‏‏

The economy depends on various items:

Agriculture and its relative industries: Cultivation of Damask Rose, cotton, onion, summer crops, kinds of fruits, grains and medicinal plants, preparing the beverage of red flowers or other traditional beverages are very common in Kashan county

Handicrafts: Silk weaving, tile work, copper work, carpet weaving etc. Kashan handmade carpets are of the particularly well-known.

Attractions: Kashan tourism which means the existence of various attractions and monuments along with the nationally registered phenomena affects the economy of Kashan city Iran.

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com

Borujerdi House Kashan


Kashan special traditions:

Few traditional ceremonies are held in the city of Kashan Iran such as:

1. Gol-Ab Giri Ceremony: it’s the most famous tradition among Kashan’s traditions. In this ceremony, they extract the flowers of Damask Rose and sell them to buyers or send them all over Iran and even to other countries. It’s highly recommended. It’s held on May until Jun.

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com

Gol-Ab Giri Ceremony


2. Ghalishouyan: It has been registered on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. In one of the October days (second Friday in Mehr In Persian calendar) in Mashhad-e Ard-e Hall, it being held.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Ghalishouyan Kashan


3. Nakhl Gardani: is also a religious tradition of Kashan county which is held in one of the most important days of the Islamic religion. It’s also being held in Mashhad-e Ard-e hall, one of Kashan’s village.

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com

Nakhl Gardani Kashan


Kashan Tourism, What Makes It Famous?

1. Gol-Ab Giri ceremony: one of the main reasons that attract Iranian and foreign travelers to the city of Kashan Iran is this ceremony which talked about before.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Gol-Ab Giri ceremony Kashan


2. the atmospheric covered bazaar:  This Bazaar in Kashan county has a famous architecture. Some parts of Bazaar was built in different periods.

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com

Borujerdi House Kashan


3. Fin garden: is the oldest existing garden in Iran and is a UNESCO registered site. To know more about this beautiful garden check this page.

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com

Fin garden


Kashan Architecture

Iranian architecture Kashan shows one of the oldest cities, which maintained its traditional architecture until the early 20th century. A lofty wall surrounded the city and transits were made possible via the several gates in Kashan architecture. We can divide into 3 parts:

Mosques: Agh Bozorg mosque, Jameh Mosque and etc.

Old houses: Taba Tabaei house, Boroujerdi Ha are the most famous

Gardens: Fin and Pardis are the most popular.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City


delicious experience In Kashan tourism

One of the ways to create a memorable journey in Kashan tourism is to taste traditional cuisine.to have delicious experience In Kashan tourism you should taste:

1. Goosht Loubya

2. Gheymeh Rize

3. Kooft-e Choghondar

4. Adas Bademjan

5. Eshkane

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City


what should I buy as a souvenir?

here are some suggestions :

1. Plant Extracts: the most famous souvenirs is rose water.

2. handicrafts: Carpet is also the most famous souvenir.

2. Kashan sweets: Kashan has its own cookies. You can also but Pashmak and etc.

4. dried fruits:‏ you can find them in high quality

Kashan tourism - Kashan City - Irantourismer.com



Link: Fin Garden Kashan

Link: Agha Bozorg Mosque Kashan

Link: Borujerdi House Kashan

Link: Tabatabaei House

Kashan city - Kashan tourism

Tabatabaei House


What is the best season to travel to the City of Kashan Iran?

City of Kashan Iran Climate includes:

Spring: the most decent season for those who want to travel to Kashan. the weather is all good and Gol-Ab Giri ceremony in on!

Summer: summers are hot and dry‏ which might annoy city dwellers. We recommend you not to travel to Kashan county In this burning season.

Fall: With the onset of autumn, the weather turns into moderation, but the night temperatures will drop significantly. Fall is a good news for deserted travelers.they will camp all around Kashan and enjoy the hot desert sand.

Winter: Relatively cold winters occur in Kashan county.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Gol-Ab Giri ceremony Kashan – Spring


Kashan History

History of Kashan and The Phenomenal Architecture

Before Islam

The city of Kashan Iran is considered as one of the oldest cities in Iran and the world and that is the cause to make it rich in its history. History of Kashan city dates back to the Elamite period of Iran and has seen many periods and dynasties since then. For instance, Kashan history takes in the Sasanid dynasty, Seljuk, Safavid, Zand, Qajar, and Pahlavi dynasties and the Islamic period.

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Tepe Sialk


Throughout the history of Kashan, the first urban civilization of central Iran famed as Sialk locates in Kashan city. The eldest Kashan monuments, Sialk hillocks, age about 7500 years. The silk coin belonging to Parthian and Achaemenid dynasties detected by archeological discoveries in Sialk, confirms the existence of primary centers of civilization in prehistoric ages. Also, we can see the oldest Ziggurat in the world in Kashan history


After Islam

Thanks to the placement of Kashan city on the way of communications (to name the Silk Road) and due to the developments in Iran through the Islamic period, Kashan city turned into an important industrial center and history of Kashan reveals that kings resided there generally.

we can see old houses, mosques, and gardens in Kashan history after the time Islam entered the city


Kashan Monuments

A number of 1700 recognized monuments in Kashan tourism which are remnants of Kashan history. 313 national registered Kashan monuments and the existence of various Kashan tourist attractions in Kashan Tourism would be of those places for making tourists interested in visiting. For instance:

1.Fin Garden: the one you shouldn’t miss!

2. Historical Houses: such as Borujerdi House and Taba Taba ee house

3. Agha Bozorg Mosque: it’s a school and mosque together complex. It’s a remnant of Safavid era that you should visit

4. Soltan Amir Ahmad Bath: it has a beautiful architecture that attracts every person’s eyes

Kashan Tourism - Kashan City

Soltan Amir Ahmad Bath


Kashan tourist information

How Can I travel to Kashan?

you can travel to Kashan by:

Kashan Airport: Kashan airport is one of the oldest airports of Iran and is located at the southeast side of Kashan county. Currently, Kashan airport provides flights between Kashan and Mashhad, but only formal flights of Kashan to Tehran airport and reverse are available.

The public transportation of Kashan airport gets you to your destination.

Email: info@kashanairport.ir

Tell: 3-03155444852


Kashan Train Station: Kashan train station is one of the major train stations in the country due to its place on the main paths of the north-south and the east-west. Kashan train station is found at the northeast side of the city of Kashan Iran.

You can get on one of these paths available including paths of Tehran-Bandar Abbas, Tehran-Shiraz, Tehran-Yazd, and Kashan-Mashhad.

The public transportation makes it possible to get to the city from Kashan train station.

Tell: 031 5523 3000


Kashan Bus Terminal: At the northern edge of the city, Kashan bus terminal is placed. Busses leave to Tehran (via Qom city), Isfahan and Shiraz from Kashan. The buses of Yazd do not enter Kashan city but they alight passengers next to the highway where taxis to the town are waiting.

You can get bus tickets and depart from the terminal or you could board at Montazeri square and buy the ticket at the bus.

Address: Shahid Zojaji Square, Kashan

Tell: 031 5544 6030


*Passenger cars: In case you would like to travel in your passenger car, you could take the main roads leading to Kahsan City in Iran.


Residences of Kashan city in Iran

People who travel to Kashan can consider staying in.Best traditional hotels with different grades but in limited quantity.

Traditional residences are the best choices since they could provide you with walking in the tradition and history of Kashan as in Kashan tourist places. Furnished houses and camping would also be great alternatives for your stay in the city of Kashan Iran.


Where can I get help in Kashan county?

Kashan tourist information

if you’re planning to travel to Kashan, Kashan tourist information can be received trough Kashan tourist offices and agencies existing in Kashan city Iran. To get around the city there are taxis and buses available but to get to Kashan county itself you will have various choices. It would be better if you have the general Kashan tourist information before you get to Kashan tourism offices.


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