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Fin Garden is located on the western end of Kashan city. Fin Garden (Bagh-e fin) is the oldest existing Persian Garden in Iran.  Built in 1590 by the order of the Safavid king, Shah Abbas I, the garden was expanded in early Qajar era (late 18th century). It counts as one of the most important Kashan tourist attractions.

Fin garden is a UNESCO world heritage site since 2011, along with 8 other Persian Gardens in Iran.

The post is about Fin Garden Facts and HistoryFin Garden Architecture and other useful tips to visit there.

Before reading the post, let’s watch this video about amazing beautiful ancient city of Kashan!


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#1 Fin Garden Facts and History

#1 It is considered that the origin of the garden is anterior to the Safavid dynasty. Some sources mention that the garden was replaced from another place but there are no clear images of this section of fin garden history.

Fin Garden -


#2 An assassin sent from Nasereddin Shah murdered the Qajarid Prime Minister Mirza Taghi Khan known as Amir Kabir, at Hammam-e Fin-e Kashan (bathhouse).

fin Garden - Amir kabir -

Amir Kabir – Prime Minister of Iran

He was encouraging changes in education and administration but his popularity was not appreciated. The mother of shah made him to imprison Amir Kabir in bagh-e fin and finally to murder him.

#3 Fin garden has two small and big baths, which previously were available for public without entering the garden. Amir Kabir was murdered in the small bath and fin garden was known for the fin bathhouse.


#2 Fin Garden Architecture

Fin Garden architecture is a perfect sample of Iranian Gardens and a mixture of architectural features from Safavid era, Zandiyeh and Qajar periods. There was symmetry applying on the garden plan, but later the addition of the buildings by the kings led to its plan’s symmetry decrease.

Fin Garden -


Fin Garden plan is a combination of natural features as water and trees along with the architectural elements such as a main yard consisting numerous cypress trees and turquoise-tile pool surrounded by four circular towers, ramparts, and features of water, which are fed from a natural spring behind the garden and two pavilions.

Fin Garden -

Photo by @turquoisedomes on Instagram

A few of the beauties are the decoration of the ceilings with paintings, colorful glasses of the windows and the usage of colors in rooms as some colors were used to make the room seem bigger or smaller and a mixture of some colors would make the insects confused and even to run away.

Fin Garden -

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The pools and fountains could be working without the need of mechanical pumps due to the high pressure of the spring running through them.


#3 Fin Garden Kashan Existing Buildings

Fin garden includes an entrance gate and vestibule, middle pavilions, Safavid Bath, towers and ramparts, Khalvat Karimkhani building, Qajarid Bath, Shah Neshin Hall, wind tower building (the current library), Kashani national museum, etc.

  • Towers and ramps show the strength and the safety of the garden along with the royal glory and splendor.
  • Safavid pavilion is located at the center of Fin garden, above of the axes’ cross. There is a pool in the center of the ground floor making a nice atmosphere. There are ways available in four sides of pavilion to four directions of the garden.
Fin Garden -

Photo by @dianaerial on Instagram

  • The entrance gate and vestibule was built in two floors and a few changes were made through the time. It consist a great hall and an iwan.
  •  Kashani national museum is displaying some works of ceramics, calligraphy, etc.

Bagh-e fin Kashan was previously used as a private royal residence but nowadays is open for local people and visitors.



By the end of your visit, you could enjoy a coffee in one of the gardens treating your eyes by watching the fishes move in the stream.


Fin Garden Opening Hours

Everyday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Fin Garden Address

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