Is Iran Expensive to Travel? You Decide!

Iran has been a popular destination among those travelers who crave novelty, antiquity and in short, an unfading experience! However, just as any trip needs planning and budgeting, in this post we try to answer the question of “ Is Iran expensive to travel in?”, based on the reality of our own life in Iran.

Fortunately, traveling in Iran, you have various options from a budget trip to an extravagant one. Expenses like accommodation, transportation (in-city or between cities), dining, etc. are what we are going to elaborate on, here.

Please Note:

Price estimates below are based on the current (April 2019) currency exchange rates. Since recently, Rial value against US$ and Euro has decreased significantly.

For example in 2017, US$ 1 equaled 35,000 Rials, and in April 2019, US$ 1 equals 150,000 Rials approximately.

So we advise to check the exchange rates before evaluating your expenses.

  • Hotels and Airlines offer fixed rates in foreign currencies, regardless of exchange rates.

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Is Iran Expensive to Travel

Exchange Houses in Iran


#1 Accommodation Expenses in Iran

A wide range of accommodation options are available in Iran such as hostels, eco-lodges, 2 to 5 star hotels and guest houses.

You may pay from US$ 7 – 300  per night, per room.

Examples of Iran’s most expensive hotels are : Espinas Palace in Tehran, Abbasi Boutique Hotel in Isfahan, Dad Boutique Hotel in Yazd, Saray-e Ameriha boutique Hotel in Kashan.

  • Rates strongly depend on the high or low season of travel.
  • High Season in Iran is from mid-March to Mid-May and Mid-September to Mid-November
  • During Persian New Year (Nowruz) Holiday season (mid-March to May 3rd ), hotel rates are specially high.

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Is Iran Expensive to Travel - Saray-e Ameriha hotel

Saray-e Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan


#2 Transportation Expenses in Iran

Depending on mode of transportation, rates vary.

#1 Between Cities:

  • Domestic flights are relatively reasonably-priced based on foreign currencies, again depending on the season of travel.
  • Trains and buses are available, price range : US$ 4 – 10


#2 Around the City: (Most expensive: Tehran)

  • Public transport : bus or subway (10 cents a ticket),
  • Shared Taxis on fixed routes ( 50 cents at most)
  • Hiring a taxi for a day ( at most US$ 10)
  • IKA International Airport taxi to Tehran : US$ 7
Is Iran Expensive to Travel - taxi

Yellow & Green Taxis are found throughout the cities

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#3 Dining Expenses in Iran

Dining options also vary widely. Prices range from US$ 1 – 12 per person, 12 being the most super extravagant dining option possible!

  • A simple sandwich : US$ 1
  • A premium quality Hamburger : US$ 3
  • Lamb Steak for one : US$ 5 – 10 (depending on class of restaurant)
  • Iranian cuisine : US$ 2 – 8 (depending on class of restaurant)
  • 0.5 Lit bottled water : 10 cents

At US$ 5 , you can enjoy a premium quality Iranian meal! Expensive?!

Remember that Iranian cuisine is served in unusually large portions. Most of the time, 2 people can share 1 serving and feel adequately full.

Is Iran Expensive to Travel

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#4 Iran Tours

Aside from traveling solo, tourists also have the option of traveling on guided Iran Tours, generally from 7 to 15 days. Depending on class of accommodation, using domestic flights or not, traveling on individual, small or large group tours, prices vary.

Daily tours are also available starting from US$ 10, in different cities.

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Is Iran Expensive to Travel


#5 Iran Visa Fees

Iran Visa fees vary depending on nationality of tourists, and being payable at the Iranian Embassy or On Arrival (slightly higher).

10 Nationalities are visa-exempt. While most nationalities are eligible for Visa on Arrival, nationals of some countries need to obtain their visa prior to their arrival in Iran.

Examples of approximate Iran Tourist Visa fee are :

  •  A UK citizen : £ 170
  • Nationalities eligible for Visa on Arrival : € 40 – 85
  • An Australian citizen on Arrival : € 145

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is Iran expensive to Travel - Iran Visa


#6 So Is Iran Expensive to Travel?

It is up to you to decide if traveling to and in Iran is expensive or not!

We believe Iran is NOT as expensive a destination as many other countries, specially if you accept that

  1. Exchange rates work to your advantage, best these months!
  2. You have a wide range of options regarding accommodation, transport and dining.
  3. You are visiting an exotic country rich with antiquity, history, culture and dazzling art and architecture.
Is Iran Expensive to Travel - Nasir al-Molk Mosque

Nasir al-Molk Mosque – Shiraz

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I had never loved my country more before I serendipitously found myself in tourism and took a sharp turn from my soulless job to give in to the magic of my home, Iran!

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