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Iranian Hospitality : Iranians are world-famous for being courteous and welcoming, and it is not a social etiquette to abide by. Persian Hospitality is a trait, long-ingrained in the Iranian identity. Iranian people treat strangers as their dearest guests, and “honoring the guest” is one of the principles of Iranian culture.

Foreign visitors to Iran are always stunned by Persian hospitality. But to us Iranians, it is only normal to make visitors feel at home, and any less than that is insensitive and blunt! So, traveling in Iran, anywhere and among any class of Iranians, you will be treated with nothing but sparkling smiles and offers of help of any kind!

Iranian famous “Taarof” too stems from this Iranian characteristic!


#1 Our Home Is Your Home!

Iranians have a famous saying : “ Guest is God’s friend!” . No matter poor or wealthy, Iranians offer their best services to their beloved guests, foreign or a relative.

Attend an Iranian dinner party and you will be pampered with the best courtesy and the tastiest treats in their power; You may also be insistently to stay the night. It is not so uncommon to offer their own comfortable bed to sleep the night, while they sleep on the floor, as long as YOU feel the most comfortable and pleased!

Persian Hospitality

Visit villagers and nomads, in the most remote regions, you most likely will be invited for a short afternoon tea and talk. Iranian villagers and nomads are even more welcoming and might even farewell you with a pot of their own produced diary, bread, anything to put a smile on your face.

# Iranian Hospitality in Traditional Architecture

Interesting to know that Iranian hospitality is also seen in traditional architecture of Iran. Visit historical houses in Iran, and there is a special room for the guests. Amazingly, the room is larger and more ornate than private rooms, all to show the guest the best of their art and means of comfort.


#2 Persian Hospitality On the Street: Taarof!

Iranian Hospitality On the Street : Walk the streets, museums, anywhere! The least you get is frequent smiles from the passers-by. Why? Because they are happy to see you in their country. Some even offer you help, if they find you confused and lost before you ask.

Iranian Hospitality

Ask for directions, and they probably walk you to your destination; They may even join you on your personal tour, if asked, and talk to you about their hometown, their thrill and curiosity to know more about you, etc. Remember! it is not an act or an intended prying, it is extending help to their guest.


#3 Iranians Care About Their Image In the World

Most Iranians are saddened by the image of Iran in foreign media, especially due to tangled politics and being in the volatile Middle East. And they want to transcend that biased image. So, Iranian hospitality defies all odds. Hence, every foreign tourist on the street in Iran is a step forward.

Persian Hospitality

Walk anywhere and probably, an Iranian youth comes up to say hi, and probably ask you “How do you like Iran so far?” They, specially the young, want to promote the truth of their country, and the inherited Iranian geniality comes in handy!


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