Taxi Fare in Iran, Different Transport Options

Taxi Fare In Iran: Obviously all tourists, especially the independent ones or backpackers, need to know how to get around the city they are visiting, or also, in urgent cases on package tours.

In this post, we have provided a concise guide on ways of  getting a cab in cities of Iran, Taxi fare, etc. for tourist, as one of the most practical and popular means of transportation among Iranians.

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Getting Around Cities in Iran in Cabs

Getting Around Cities in Iran in Cabs : Like local Iranians, tourist have various options to get around a city, such as :

#1 Taxi Stands

Licensed Taxi Stands are found in different parts of cities for

  • fixed routes : between main squares or streets of a city, one may need to walk or take another taxi to get to their specific destination
  • fixed Taxi fare : labeled (in Rials) on the car windshield
  • cheapest fare : as the taxi is shared among 4 passengers or more in case of vans.
  • Licensed yellow or green taxis


#2 Cabs Moving Through the City

Cabs Moving Through the City : Licensed taxis move throughout the city and one can hail them to hire one.

  • Always ask the cab fare beforehand, as they are not metered.
  • You may hire the cab for your specific destination, in which case, the price gets much higher than sharing it with others or on fixed routes, or during the rush hour. Always agree on the price before riding the cab. Be careful not all people are fair in their price offers!


#3 Taxis at the  Airport / Hotel / Train Stations

Cabs at the  Airport / Hotel / Train Stations : As in any other country, licensed cabs are available at airports, hotels, train stations.

  • Currently airport taxis at Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran charge a minimum of 850,000 Rials (or 85,000 Tomans) to city of Tehran.


#4 Taxi Mobile Applications

Taxi Mobile Applications : Similar to the Uber Service in other parts of the world ( not operative in Iran), TAP30 (read: Tapsi) and SNAPP are the 2 most popular and widely used mobile applications among Iranians.

The 2 transfer service companies are expanding their coverage to more major cities of Iran. Their services already cover Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Tabriz, etc.

TAP30 and SNAPP Pros and Cons:

  • Active SIM card and WIFI or cellular Data is required : SIM Card in Iran
  • Available at any time and place
  • Fares can be high or surprisingly low depending on the city, traffic, rush hour, etc.
  • Destination needs to be quite accurately set on the application map. You can always ask for help from Iranians around you.

Link: TAP30



#5 133 Radio Taxi

133 Radio Taxi : In any city of Iran, one can call 133 and request a ride to any destination.

133 Taxis are metered and fares are calculated per kilometer/traffic time at a minimum charge accordingly. One can also ask the telephone operator about the approximate price beforehand to make sure, in case the meter is broken.


#6 Approximate Cab and Taxi Fares in Iran

Approximate Cab and Taxi Fares in Iran : Cab fares in Iran vary widely depending on

  • City (Tehran being the most expensive). The larger the city, the higher the fares
  • Rush Hour and Traffic
  • Distance
  • Hire Duration
  • Type of Service

For Example,

  • Taxi stands and sharing the cab on a fixed route is the cheapest option (from 15,000 to 60,000 Rials in Tehran, cheaper in other cities)
  • Hiring a taxi for a full day can cost a minimum of 1,000,000 Rials in Tehran. Again, different factors can decrease or increase the charge.
  • 133 Radio taxis in Tehran charge a minimum of 50,000 Rials with the taximeter calculating the charge per kilometer/traffic waits. For destinations out of Tehran, the metered charge is 12,000 Rials per kilometer.


#7 Remember:

  1. Cab fares are often verbally expressed in Tomans, while your Iranian bank notes are in Rials. (1 Toman equals 10 Rials. While confusing, all you have to do is cross off a zero from the number on your Iranian money. And to make sure, always ask the driver “Rial or Toman?”)
  2. You can count on the help of Iranian passers-by to get a cab, etc.



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