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Tehran Grand Bazaar is a historic bazaar located in Tehran city. As one of the oldest and largest (spanning 10 kilometres) covered bazaars of Iran, history of the current Tehran Grand Bazaar goes back to 17th century Safavid era. Tehran Grand Bazaar counts as one of the major Tehran tourist attractions.

If you are looking for the hustle and bustle in the city, the Tehran Grand bazaar (grand bazaar of Tehran) is the best choice for you. In every corner you can see the locals busy buying or busy selling. You can find everything from soup to nuts. As you continue reading we will inform you the best of Tehran grand bazaar so you don’t miss the great stuff. By the way, the address and opening hours and where to dine are included in the end.


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#1 Tehran Bazaar History

The Bazaar Bozorg (= Tehran Grand bazaar) is located on the 12th district of Tehran. This district has kept its traditional atmosphere and most of its old houses and alleys. Even the life itself is not that modern yet.

Tehran Grand bazaar - hasan Abad sq

Hasan Abad Sq

The legacy of the commerce is still running through the veins of the Bazar bozorg. In its oldest days, the bazaar was an open market with no ceiling, however, as the time passed by, the roofs started to be built.

#2 The People Of The Bazaar

As a force of conservatism, the Bazaaris (the business owners, shoppers, and sellers) provided strong links between the roohanis (religious leaders) and middle class. During 1979 revolution, the grand bazaar of Tehran was a center for pro-revolutionary feelings and finance. For example, they would shut down the entire bazaar to make a point and make what they want to happen.

 Tehran Grand bazaar

Haj Ali Darvish Tea house – Photo by ghahremanedaroon.ir

#3 Architectural Parts Of  The Tehran Grand Bazaar

#1 Charsooq

The place where two main market orders meet, an excellent commercial center is created which the main branches of market originate from there. These Charsooqs have a higher ceiling compared to the Raastehs so the air could flow into the corridors.

 Tehran Grand bazaar

Charsooq – Tehran Grand bazaar – Photo by Kojaro.ir

#2 Raasteh (=Corridor)

Every business has its own corridor (=Raasteh) mostly and you can go straight to it if you know what you are looking for such as Raasteh kaffash-ha (the shoemakers’ corridor), Raasteh ghali-forooshan (carpet seller’s corridor), Raasteh lavazem-khanegi (the household necessities corridor), etc.

 Tehran Grand bazaar

Raasteh – Photo by @sahrabaji  on Instagram

#3 Tims or Timchehs (= Arcades)

Tims or Timches look much like caravanserais except for a little difference. They are located all around and inside the bazaar while caravansaries are only near the main gate of the bazaar. A yard surrounded by chambers and sometimes in two stories building.

 Tehran Grand bazaar

Timcheh – Tabriz Grand Bazaar – Photo by @tabriz.bazar on Instagram

#4 Tehran Grand Bazaar also includes:

  • Zoorkhaneh ; a place for sport mainly wrestling but in a chivalrous manner
  • Public bath houses; where people gathered and traded news and small talks while washing themselves
  • Tea houses and Sofreh-Khanehs for relaxations and freshening up
  • Tehran Carpet bazar near Khayam Metro Station
Tehran Grand bazaar

Tehran Carpet Bazaar – Khayyam Metro Station

To kill two birds with one stone (!) visit these places near the bazaar :

  1. Visit the Golestan Palace
  2. Visit the Shah’s mosque or Imam’s mosque
  3. Visit the grave of LotfAli-Khan-e Zand


  •  It’s better to get to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran with subway. You can get off at the Panzdaheh-Khordad station (=Khordad 15th)
  • Multiple great restaurants but “ Moslem restaurant  ” is highly recommended. Mind the time though…there would be a line around one o’clock
  • You can get on the tram to sightsee the Bazaar as it passes by your eyes (at a fair price!)
  • Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

Tehran Grand Bazaar Opening Hours

  • Saturday to Wednesday : 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Thursday and Friday : 9 AM to 4 PM

Tehran Grand Bazaar Address

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