Tea House in Tehran

Among the things that Tehran is most famous for are tea houses. Tea houses are like traditional coffee houses, except for the fact that only tea is served in them. Actually, there are some tea houses nowadays that serve other drinks too; such as coffee and cocktails.

This article is going to introduce some of the best tea houses in Tehran to those of you who look for traditional values in modern cities.

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#1 Haj Ali Darvish Tea House; The Smallest Tea house in the World!

Haj Ali Darvish Tea House is located in one of the most populated parts of the Great bazaar of Tehran and has been hosting tourists and shoppers with the original taste of its natural tea, since 1918.

Address: Bazaar (Bazzazha Bazaar), Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran.

Phone: +9821 5581 8672

Tea House in Tehran - Tehran Grand bazaar

Tea House in Tehran: Haj Ali Darvish Tea house – Photo by ghahremanedaroon.ir


#2 Nan-o-Namak Tea House – A Trip Back to Qajar Era!

Nan-o-Namak, in Fakhrolmolouk mansion is one of the oldest tea houses in Tehran. When you Everything in this tea house is almost too old for the younger generation to have any nostalgia with!

Address: No 114, Javidi Street, Amir Kabir Street, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Phone: +98921882035

Tea House in Tehran - Nan-o-Namak Tea House

Tea House in Tehran: Nan-o-Namak Tea House


#3 Romance Tea House – A Place to Feel Good!

Wooden chairs and Tables and silk drapery are a telltale originality of Romance tea house. You can find any kind of people, from any generation here, who gather together to share experiences.

Address: No 4, Zarabi Alley, Ferdowsi Street, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran.

Phone: +982166749574

Tea House in Tehran - Romance Tea House

Tea House in Tehran: Romance Tea House


#4 Masudie Tea House – The Real Taste of a Qajar Breakfast!

Located in Masudie mansion, this tea house is a wonderful place for those of you who love nostalgia. Masudie tea house hosts you with Qajar style coffee and breakfasts, all of a great quality.

Address: Masudie Mansion, Bahaarestan Street, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran.

Phone: 02133992013

Tea House in Tehran - Masoudie Tea House

Tea House in Tehran : Masoudie Tea House


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