Saadabad Palace; A Royal Life In The Capital

Saadabad complex  (Saadabad Palace) is one of Tehran attractions, with an area of 300 hectares, in Shemiran District of Northern Tehran.

The complex was first the residence of Qajar Kings (19th century), then the Pahlavi Dynasty (20th century) following expansion and annexation of some other quarters. Saadabad complex comprises of 18 palaces, which now are open to public as museums.

*Saadabad palace opening hours and address are included at the end.

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Saad abad museum complex :

We intend to inform you of the most exciting parts of Saadabad complex and leave the rest to your choice. However make sure to pay a visit to these that we recommend; they were chosen for special reasons!


#1 Green Palace

Also known as the Shahvand House  – The house of  Reza Shah (the first king of Pahlavi Dynasty).

Saadabad palace -Saadabad complex 

Photo by @angella429 on Instagram

The facade of the building is made of rare pearl green stones from Zanjan province hence the name is derived from the view. The two story building was renovated and decorated during Reza Shah’s ruling.

The mirror hall is the most stunning part of the green palace. Aside from the mirror work and marquetry, the 70 square meters carpet on the floor will make your eyes stick to it!


#2 White Palace (Mellat Museum)

The summer house of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (the last king of Pahlavi Dynasty) and Farah Diba.

Saadabad palace -Saadabad complex 

Photo by

The Special House and some other palaces, currently used by the presidency organization.

Mellat Palace (=nation’s palace) museum or White Palace is the largest of all Saadabad complex’s palaces. When you enter you can look up and see the myths of Shahnameh (=the book of kings) painted around the ceiling. When you visit each room make sure to look down to soothe your eyes with the art of Iranian carpet. White Palace was used as a summer residence of Mohammad Reza Shah (the second king of Pahlavi dynasty) and the queen Farah.


#3 Shams Palace

Named after Reza Shah’s daughter, Shams, palace is a mixture of Iranian and European architecture. This palace is now dedicated to Royal Costumes museum. With its numerous gifts and artifacts tis palace is also known as anthropology museum. it is “ The Royal Clothing Museum ” now.

Nowadays use of Saadabad complex

The huge area of the Saadabad palace operates in different functions. It contains museums of so many various kinds, open-air concerts and plays, and presidential meetings.

Saadabad palace -Saadabad complex 

Photo by @saadabadPalace


Also “ The Royal Dishes Museum ”, “ The Royal Weapons Museum ”, “ The Military Museum ”,  “ The Royal cars Museum ” are other museums of Saadabad that have been added to this complex in recent years. (these are what we told you about in previous lines; the ones for you to discover!)


* Tips

  •  Darband and Zaferanieh Gates are open to public access now. (the Saadabad has 8 gates though)
  • The most pleasurable time to visit Saadabad complex is Spring when the garden is alive. Autumn will also be pleasurable since all the ground will be covered with orange and yellow leaves

saadabad palace opening hours


saadabad palace address

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Poline · July 3, 2019 at 11:00 am

Very lively atmosphere, the complex is sooo vast and beautiful. I visited the site in 2016 in summer with a few of my Tehran friends.

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