Religion in Iran; What is Iran religion?

Religion in Iran: Iran, as a country with a population over 80 million people, is a diverse region in terms of religion. Almost every thing in Iran has a religious base and moral beliefs can be vividly witnessed in everyday life and behavior of the Iranian.

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The Official Religion of Iran

Islam is the official religion in Iran which has the most populated group of followers in this country, with the proportion of 99.6% of the whole country.

Religion in Iran - What is Iran religion?


This religion in Iran is divided into two main sub-religious cults, Shia and Sunny. Again, the proportion of Shia Muslims is the largest among all other Islamic cults In Iran. Shia with 89% of followers among the whole population and Sunny with 9%, are the biggest cults in Iran. In fact, the Shia Islam is the ruling religious power of the country.


Minor Religions

Other major minorities in Iran include Zoroastrians with a population of 20000 to 25000 followers and Christianity (of any subcategory) with a population around 300000 to 370000 followers.

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Religion in Iran - What is Iran religion? - Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd

Zoroastrians Fire Temple – Yazd


Zoroastrians and Christianity have the largest minor religious population in Iran.


Other Smaller minorities include, Jews , Mandaeans, and Yarsan and many other local tribal cults exist all around Iran.


The Significance of Islam in Iran

The influence of religion in life of the Iranian is strongly obvious, and many of the cultural and social events in Iran have religious roots. Religion also has its significant influence on political decisions the government makes about social and cultural as well as overseas issues of the country.

Religion in Iran - What is Iran religion?

Ayatollah Khamenei – Leader of Iran


Code of Clothing

The outfit of all the Iranian, immigrants and tourists, must be based on rules of Islamic code of clothing; whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim, you must wear what Islam accepts. It means that for women scarf, long pants and long and sleeved dress is necessary and men are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless tops in public places.

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Religion in Iran - What is Iran religion? Iran Dress Code

Iranian Dress code | Photo By:

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