Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd or AtashKadeh-e Yazd is located in the city of Yazd. The Zoroastrian temple is the only fire temple in Iran  enshrining Atash-e Bahram (Victorious Fire) which has been burning since 470 AD (Sassanid Era). According to Zoroastrian faith Atash-e Bahram is the highest grade of fire. Hence, this fire temple counts as one of the main Yazd attractions.

Not so many people around the world heard of Zoroastrian religion. The religion which Spitamaneh, Iranian prophet from ancient Persia co-founded it. His holy book is Avesta and has his own way of praying. The rituals have been held in Atashkade in front of the holy fire. This religion is one of the very first religions which express the phrase “Monotheism” .They call on God as Ahura Mazda (/əˌhʊərə ˈmæzdə/)


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#1 The History Behind Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd Flame

The building of Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd has 80 years old; although, sacred fire’s record goes back to more than 1500 years ago (from 470 AD).

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd - Atashkadeh Yazd

At first, the holy fire was lit in Larestan County fire temple in Yazd Province and then its journey began; after that, it was taken to Aqda County and stayed there for 700 years then taken to Ardakan County and after 300 years, finally the sacred fire ended its journey in Yazd.

#2 History of Atashkadeh Yazd “Building”

The building was constructed in October 1934 in first Pahlavi era (first Shah of Iran) in association of the Parsi Zoroastrian of India; thus, the architecture is heavily inspired from India temples.
Atash Behram fire temple

#3 Sacred Fire

In general, there are several types of fire associated with ritual ceremonies, and there are certain qualities to set them up. Atash Behram Yazd (meaning victory), is one of the most prominent fires in the ceremony of the Zoroastrian religion.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd - Atashkadeh Yazd

The person who is in charge of holy fire is called Hirbod. Hirbod must take care of fire and prevent it from extinguishing.

#4 Zoroastrian Temple Yazd Structure

Zoroastrian temple Yazd is located in a big courtyard of trees. A big rounded pool is in front of it.
In the building, you can see sacred fire in a large bowl of bronze which being kept in glass compartment so you able to see it. At the sides of the compartment, there are two rooms. Zoroastrians pray in there.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd - Atashkadeh Yazd

We recommend you to not visit it in Iranian special holidays, especially Nowruz. It’s so crowded and you might not get to see it at all!

There are 6 other Zoroastrian holy places:
In addition to fire temple in Yazd, there are some other places:

  1. Pierre Herisht : is a Zoroastrian place of worship which is located 90 km west of Yazd, 15 km from Ardakan city.
  2. Pir Narsoon: located on the old road of Yazd-Mashhad. This place is respected by followers of the Zoroastrian religion, and every year, a number of Zoroastrians come to this place and pray.
  3.  Chak Chak: is located in the Yazd province and the city of Ardakan in the mountains of Ardakan and Anjira.

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  1. Pir Naraki: It is 15 km from Mehriz city and on the hillside of the same name.
  2. Pars Banoo: it’s a part of Aqda, Ardakan County.
  3. Zoroastrian crypt: 15 km south-east of Yazd, it is located on a low altitude mountain named Crypt Mountain.

#5 Zoroastrian Religious Acts

Fire temple in Yazd (or Atashkadeh Yazd) is one of the most important Zoroastrian buildings in Iran and; also, is one of Yazd must-see places.

For Zoroastrians themselves there are some mores and manners that they should do before entering Zoroastrian temple Yazd or any other Zoroastrian temples; for instance, people must wear something white or light color, women must wear white scarves and men must wear their special hat in that color. Other things are: taking shoes off and cleanliness of body.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd Opening Hours

Everyday : 07:30 AM to 09:30 PM

Zoroastrian Fire Temple Yazd Address

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