Chak Chak Village | An Unsolved Mystery

Chak Chak Village is located in Ardakan County, 70 km north of Yazd city. The temple of Chak Chak is perched beneath a cliff, which is one of the holy Zoroastrian mountain temples in Iran, when the avid Zoroastrians gather on special occasions to observe their rituals. While the temple is a man-made grotto in the cliff, historical beliefs and legends shrouds the sanctuary.

Chak Chak village counts as one of the popular Yazd tourist attractions, hence. *Chak Chak Zoroastrian sanctuary opening hours and address are included in the end.


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#1 History of Chak Chak Temple

The mystery of the history of Chak Chak Village is a folklore legend as it goes: After the invasion of Arabs to the realm of Sassanid Dynasty and the defeat of the last king, Yazdegerd III, the royal family took refuge in the current city of Yazd. By the time Arabs conquered Yazd, the family separated to increase the chance of survival.

One of Yazdegerd’s daughters, Nikbanu, flees to the Ardakan mountain and Chak Chak Village. And prays to Ahura Mazda (what Zoroastrians call The God) to protect her from Arabs. In response of her sincere supplication, Ahura Mazda commanded the mountain to be opened and safe haven for the chaste lady.


#2 Chak Chak Village Or Pir-e Sabz Chak Chak?

1.     In Zoroastrian Beliefs: in the temple-like room in the mountain the water still runs which is believed to be the tears of Nikbanu still pouring for good intentions…as in the sound of drip drops which in Persian is Chak Chak!

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2.     In Mithraic Beliefs: the final grade in Mithraism is “Father or Pir”. And due to the eternal spring and ancient plane tree and the holy status of water in this belief; it is called Pir-e Sabz or “The Green Pir”.

#3 Parts Of  The Chak Chak Temple:

  1.  The magnificent old tree rooting in the stones, which is magical itself, is also believed to be where Nikbanu had put her cane;
  2. The main hall with marble floor;
  3. The ever-dripping spring;
  4. Candles on the niche;
  5. Aloes-wood and the portrait of Zoroaster on the wall;
  6. And a fireplace in center of the hall with fires kept eternally burning.
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#4 The Ceremony in Chak Chak Zoroastrian fire temple:

Every year Chak Chak Yazd hosts many Zoroastrian pilgrims during the days of 14 to 18 June. Only Zoroastrians are allowed in this period of time.

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However, the rest of the year Chak Chak village or else called pir-e sabz Chak Chak is open to visitors to get together so the cultures could meet with each other.

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Also in Sizdah be-dar (13 Outdoor, the 13th day of Nowruz, April 1st or 2nd), it is off-limits.


Things you would better know to enter Chak Chak fire temple while respecting Zoroastrian religion:

  • Men should enter without a hat.
  • Women should not enter while menstruating.
  • Anyone who wishes to enter must take off their shoes.
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  • Prepare for a climb. The path is well made, however, if you got tired you could turn around and enjoy the vast view of the Chak Chak desert while taking a breath.
  • Better to have hats to avoid sunset. It can get annoying.
  • Make sure to bring water with yourself and a pair of good shoes for the climb.

How to Get to Chak Chak Temple

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