What is Iran’s most famous for?

What is Iran’s most famous for? Every culture has its own markers, and each marker is a representation of deeply rooted beliefs in the thoughts of a nation. Talking about Iran, these cultural markers show themselves in everyday life of almost all Iranians. For tourists who choose Iran to visit there is always the question that “What are Iranians most famous for?”. Read with us to get your answer.

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What Are Iranians Most Famous For?

Hospitality, Persian rug, Persian food, traditional hand crafts, poetry and literature are among what you can spot in any destination in Iran.


#1 Hospitality

It just takes one single visit to Iran to believe the fact that Iranians are in love with tourists! After that, the word “Hospitality” will ring itself in your head every time you hear the name “Iranian”!

What is Iran's most famous for?


#2 Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are not just any rugs. They are the identity of an old, art loving nation. Even now in 21th century, you won’t find any house in Iran that doesn’t have a Persian rug.


#3 Persian Food

It is true that Iranians love fast food and foreign food, but it is even more true that all foreigners and tourists, from all around the world, are in love with Persian food. Persian food is an assembly of healthy and tasty cuisine, which brings about a revolutionary spiritual feeling once eaten!

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What is Iran's most famous for? - Persian Food

Persian Food


#4 Traditional Hand crafts

Almost every tourist spot in Iran has plenty of special handcrafts, crafted by the hands of humble and unknown Iranian artists. Every single destination in Iran has its own variety of art crafts, which take you several visits to Iran to get them all!


#5 Poetry and Literature

When it come to literature and Poetry, Iran stands out from the rest of the world, with a great distance! Which other language can home Hafez’s and Roudaki’s poetry like Persian does?

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Persian Food

Tomb of Hafez

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