How much money can I bring to Iran?

One thing any traveler and tourist is always wondering about is how much cash to take with while traveling to a foreign country. About Iran this is a really reasonable question. Because of the unstable situation in term of financial affair, a traveler needs to always update their information on this question.


How much cash to bring to Iran?

About the amount of cash there is no limit. You just need to know that international cards such as PayPal and Visa Card won’t work in Iran. So, you’d better take the cash with you.

At the first moment of your arrival, try to find government accepted currency exchange booths at the airport or other recommended places, so you would be sure your cash is exchanged properly.

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How much money can I bring to Iran? - Tehran Grand bazaar

Tehran Grand bazaar


How much does a tourist day in Iran?

Considering all expenses such as taxi, bus and subway fees, having lunch and dinner out of your hotel, having many kinds of traditional and non-traditional snack during the day out in the city, paying fees for visiting two sites in a day, shopping and any unexpected even during a day, you will need to have at most 30 dollars with you, which is equal 420000 Toman. (In Oct 2018 – check it for now )

How much money can I bring to Iran?


This is a safe amount of cash to carry with you and have a great full of joy day. Note that 30 dollars is sufficient for only one day and one person. Of course, 30 $ in cash is a little bit space taking.

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At the end of the day you might come back to your hotel with 10 dollars left from that 30 dollars. Things won’t be that expensive for tourists!

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