Difference Between Rial and Iranian Toman?

Difference between Rial and Iranian Toman: Iran is the only country in the world that has two currency systems for the same money. One is Rial, which is the official currency system of the country, and the other is Toman, which is the informal and most common term in financial affairs of Iranians.

For the users of this system, this a very confusing un-necessity which makes people go through vein calculation processes when facing Rial and Toman.

This becomes a more serious problem when tourists face the system. As said before, Iran is the only country in the world that uses two different currency system for the same monetary value; so, no other nation than Iranian people are expected to understand the system.

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But what really is the difference between Iranian Toman and Rial?

The answer is “one zero”!

Rial has one “zero” more than Toman does, while both represent the same value! In fact, the term “Toman” is a Mongolian word, that entered Iranian culture during Mongolian invasion in 14th AD. Toman means “one thousand” and it had not been used as a monetary term until 90 years ago in Iran.

As an example:

let’s say the price of a hat  is 100000 Rials. If you want to say the price of the same hat in Toman, you must say: 10000 Toman. And what you will pay is a bill, with the value of 10000 Toman, but what is written on it is 100000 Rials! So Confusing, ha?

Difference between Rial and Toman

10000 Rials = 1000 Toman


As mentioned before, Toman is the informal and the most common system used by Iranians. When you buy something, the price is in Toman and in everyday talk and everyday transactions, Toman is considered.

But we use Rial in official transactions, such as filling a pay-bill in banks, or paying by purchase mobile applications. You just need to be careful about the number of zeros.


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