Traveling to Iran During Nowruz

Traveling to Iran During Nowruz : Nowruz marks the Persian New year, on the first day of Spring, some time between 19th to 21st of March in the Gregorian Calendar.

Perhaps the most important Persian event for Iranians, Nowruz Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to millions of Iranians to travel around the country or overseas, as the holidays last for about 2 weeks. Hence, traveling to Iran during Nowruz can be both an exciting and cultural experience, and maybe overwhelming to some tourists.

Traveling to Iran During Nowruz

Naghsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan During Nowruz

During Nowruz, most Iranians take the chance to pleasure themselves in other cities than their residence, hence, literally all cities of Iran get really busy and buzzing with festive travelers.

While traveling to Iran during Nowruz provides foreign tourists with a close-up observance of Nowruz traditions in Iran, the crowded cities, tourist attraction sites and hospitality services can become disturbing to the type of tourists who prefer quiet and peace during their tour of Iran.

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Tehran in Nowruz

Tehran in Nowruz : There is one city that defies all the hustle and bustle of Nowruz travels, and that is the bustling capital, Tehran! Once most of Tehrani citizens leave the city for other destination, Tehran unravels her suppressed charm for a short period of 13 days.

Traveling to Iran in Nowruz - Milad Tower

Milad Tower in Tehran During Nowruz

The tiring traffic, air pollution and commotion of the metropolis are non-existent during Nowruz; and the city beams with refreshing weather, calm streets and picturesque views of its mountains, and lots of recreational activities during Nowruz.

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Tips for Traveling to Iran During Nowruz

As for other major touristic cities of Iran such as Shiraz and Isfahan, foreign tourists should be aware of the fact that their traveling to Iran during Nowruz  coincides with 2 types of high seasons :

One, Spring is one of two best times of traveling to Iran for international tourist for the pleasant weather and landscapes across the country;

Two, inbound travelling is exceptionally high during Nowruz for the 80-million population of Iran.

Traveling to Iran During Nowruz - Persepolis

Persepolis Site During Nowruz

Hence, those tourists who do not mind crowded sites, can enjoy a lively and learning experience among Iranians, by traveling to Iran during Nowruz, with careful planning and accommodation booking in advance!

However, others who prefer a calmer trip experience are advised to plan their traveling to Iran before or after Nowruz Holidays (roughly March 19th to April 4th).


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