Travel to Iran During Ramadan

Travel to Iran During Ramadan : Tourists who wish to travel to Iran have the option of planning their trip in the high season (Spring/Fall) or low season (Summer/Winter) of travel in Iran. However, travel to Iran during Ramadan (9th month of the Islamic Calendar) can be challenging for different tourist. Hence, it is highly recommended to consider this month in planning of a trip to Iran. Why? Read on to learn more about travel to Iran during Ramadan.

Travel To Iran During Ramadan

Typical setting for Iftar Meal in Ramadan


#1 What Happens During Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the holy months of the Islamic calendar, during which eligible Muslim are advised to fast for 29-30 days, abstaining from eating, drinking and smoking from sunrise to sunset. Iran, being a predominant Muslim country, too observes this month.

Hence, in respect to those who keep fast, eating, drinking and smoking in public is strongly frowned upon, and for the same reason, restaurants are closed until sunset, which can pose discomfort to some non-Muslim tourists who travel to Iran during Ramadan.

Travel to Iran During Ramadan

Restaurants serve special Iftar plates

However, enforcing such consideration are not as strict towards foreign tourists as local Iranians.


#2 How Can Tourists Get By in Ramadan?

How Can Tourists Get By in Ramadan? While all restaurants are closed until sunset, hotel restaurants are exempt from this rule, and tourists have the option of dining in hotel restaurants of their residence. Moreover, supermarkets and grocery stores are open as usual, so tourists can obtain edibles such as ready-made sandwiches and drinks during the day.

While obvious drinking or eating is frowned upon, tourists can quench their thirst or hunger when outdoors, only not flamboyantly. Moreover, Iranians have always respected and welcomed tourists, and understand their need for occasional, inconspicuous eating or drinking in public.

Travel to Iran During Ramadan - restaurants

Restaurants in Iran, Ramadan Nights

Cafes and restaurants open after the evening prayer time, sometimes until dawn, with attractive special menus for Ramadan. In fact, after the Iftar moment (time of breaking the fast), streets of Iran are joyously bustling until after midnight!


#3 Social Considerations During Ramadan for Tourists

  1. Treat Ramadan rituals with respect, even if you do not approve of the philosophy
  2. Restrain from conspicuous eating, drinking or smoking in public areas.


#4 Why is Ramadan Important?

The Holy Month of Ramadan is observed by Muslims around the world to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. During this month healthy adult Muslims, except for pregnant women, are advised to fast from the call for morning prayer (Dawn) to evening prayer (Dusk), when they break their fast (Iftâr) by a meal.

Travel to Iran During Ramadan

Iranians in queue to buy special Iftar meals

The philosophy of fasting, in short, is to empathize with the poor and cleanse the body and soul from carnal desires for a month.

Giving feasts, charitable donations, and completing a reading of Holy Quran are among rituals practiced by ardent believers.

The festive Holiday of Eid-e Fetr marks the end of Ramadan and start of the new month, when muslim stop fasting and celebrate the occasion world wide.

Travel to Iran During Ramadan

Preparing to Host Those Keeping Fast for Iftar (Imam Reza Shrine, Mashad)


#5 When is Ramadan 2020?

When is Ramadan 2020? Considering Ramadan is a month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar, its date is not fixed in the Gregorian or Persian Solar calendar. Moreover, the starting date of Ramadan varies in different Islamic countries, as its start depends on visual sighting of the crescent of the moon.

However, the approximate date for Ramadan 2020 is from April 24th to May 23rd 2020.


#6 Better to Plan Travel to Iran Before or After Ramadan?

Every tourist is entitled to total comfort during their trip, for which they have dedicated their time and energy and a budget.

Hence, unless tourists are comfortable with such restrictions throughout their travel to Iran during Ramadan, it is recommended for tourists to plan their trip to Iran before or after the holy month of Ramadan, to fully delight in their adventures in Iran.

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