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Shazdeh Mahan Garden (Baghe Shazdeh Mahan) is a historical Persian Garden, located near Mahan City in Kerman Province, and counts as one of the top Kerman attractions. The garden was constructed by the order of the governor of the time in late 19th century, Qajar era.

5.5 hectares, 407 m in length and 122 m in width, Shazdeh Garden is an exquisite example of a Persian Garden, and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list along with 8 other Persian Gardens in Iran, in 2011. (Shazdeh Garden opening hours and address are included in the end.)

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Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Garden was owned by a prince famous for his cruelty. The workers faced a big hard stone during the construction of Shazdeh Mahan Garden, which no one could crush. The prince made them to find a way to break the stone into pieces. The workers suggested bringing a man who could give an evil eye and break the stone. According to the Iranian myths, the man did such!

#1 Shazdeh Garden History

Shazdeh Mahan Garden being located at the passage road of Kerman to Bam and on the path of the old Silk Road had made it suitable for building an aristocratic garden. Shazdeh meaning is “prince”.

Shazdeh Garden - shazde mahan garden - bagh-e shazde -

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Shazdeh Mahan Garden was built with a residential and recreational application purpose at the last days of Qajarid era, which goes back to 1897. Mohammad Hassan Khan, a Yerevanian commander, started to build the garden and later Abdolhamid Mirza Naseroddoleh, Kerman’s ruler of the time, added the buildings inside the garden.

Shazdeh Garden - shazde mahan garden - bagh-e shazde -

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Receiving the sudden announcement of Abdolhamid Mirza’s death, the masons working on the building, dropped the work and ran away. The empty spaces of the tiles on the entrance gate shows that the building construction was left incomplete.

#2 Shazdeh Garden Architecture

Shazdeh garden is ornamented with various kinds of trees, two pools and a great number of fountains. The fountains increase the freshness of the space. The dance of the fountains adds to the beauty of the garden. The number of fountains in Shazdeh Garden Kerman is much more than the other Persian gardens’ and are of the most beautiful fountains.

Shazdeh garden plan, with rectangular shape and the walls around, consists an entrance structure and gate at its lower end, two two-floor western and eastern residential areas with Iranian architecture elements at its upper end and the fountains rest in the space between the both ends.

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Shazdeh garden is one of the stepped gardens in which the earth has a steep slope with flat structures as stairs. The fountains work through the difference of the height. Shazdeh Mahan Garden’s stream emanates from the river running from the mountains and enters from the highest part of the garden.

Shazdeh Garden - shazde mahan garden - bagh-e shazde -

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The significant point is that the fountains of these two pools are not seen commonly in Iranian gardens and it is supposed that the source is the knowledge of the European garden and springs.

#3 Buildings of the Shazdeh Garden

  • The main pavilion, which was the regular or seasonal habitation of the owner.
  • The entrance gate in two floors of which the second floor has rooms for hosting or living. The beauty of the architecture of Shazdeh garden’s entrance gate differentiates it from the other gardens.
  •  Shah Neshin building (dais) which is currently used as a restaurant.
Shazdeh Garden - shazde mahan garden - bagh-e shazde -

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  • The service buildings on the surrounding wall
  • The bath


  • Shazdeh Mahan Garden Facilities
    • The facilities include a restaurant, a hotel, a few chambers for selling souvenirs, kinds of rugs and carpets, horseback ridings around the garden.
  • The sites you could visit when you are around Shazdeh Mahan Garden
    • Mahan Windmills , the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, Iranian poet and mystic, Haft Bagh Tourism Free Way, Shotor Galu Khane Building.
  • The perfect timing for visiting
    • The perfect timing for visiting Shazdeh Mahan Garden would be the summer and spring seasons. From the inside, on the entrance, especially from the second floor of the entrance gate you can enjoy the view of outside of the garden, inside of the garden itself and the mountain perspectives.

Shazdeh Garden Opening Hours

Everyday 8 AM to 10 PM (Holidays may affect hours)


Shazdeh Garden Address

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