Is Iran Beautiful? Let’s See!

Is Iran Beautiful? This is a question with many positive answers. But we, Iranians, do understand it is a question by those who deep down feel there is something more to the mysterious Iran than what some media try to make of Iran. So let’s go down this road together and you be the judge of “Is Iran beautiful?”.

Iran is a country steeped in culture and history, a land of unique artisanship and architecture. Add them up to the mesmerizing natural landscapes across this land and one of the most welcoming people and this is what Iran offers its guests.

Is Iran Beautiful? tabatabaei house

Historical House of Tabatabaeiha in Kashan


#1 Iran’s Cultural and Historical Beauty

No matter where in Iran, there is always a monument to captivate you. From sheer ruins of Persepolis, to the remnants of the shaken city of Bam, they all whisper to you about their majesty that no passing of time and no disaster or animosity can erase.


The Persian mosques who bear testimony how Persian craftsmanship can bring out the soothing divinity of a faith in colors and shapes that no matter what your faith, you can feel yourself in the presence of the holy spirit of the one, once inside a Persian mosque.


Is Iran Beautiful?

Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Shiraz

Walk through the Persian Gardens in the heart of dryness, and you will be amazed how Iranians could bring out the soft side of a harsh climate and create the pampering cool of an oasis in the desert.

Is Iran Beautiful? Fin Garden

Fin Garden of Kashan

And I can go on and on to tell you about the wonders of this 7,000 year old civilization, but you will one day feel what words fail, because Iran needs to be seen to e believed!

Is Iran Beautiful? Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral, Isfahan (Photo by @iranvisitors on Instagram)

#2 Beautiful Natural Landscapes of Iran

Travel across Iran, and in a matter of a week you can see epic snow covered mountains, luscious dense forests, arid deserts of mesmerizing dunes and salt lakes, and coastlines to the brightest blue waters, not to mention the most pristine islands! Such eclectic mix of climates hardly comes by in any other country.

Is Iran Beautiful

Sabalan Mount, East Azerbaijan Province

Go to north of Iran, and you stand witness to the greenest forests on mountains overlooking the Caspian Sea.

Cross the Alborz Mountain Range, and you get to see semi-dry moderately weathered landscapes.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Cloud Forest in Semnan Province

Now turn southward to east or west, and you are in the middle of captivating vast deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and Lut.

Is Iran Beautiful? Lut Desert

Lut Desert

Go deeper towards the south, and you get to the mesmerizing southern coastlines of Persian Gulf, with the most different lifestyle than what you have witnessed until this point.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Hormuz Island


Now cross the waters and you are in the unique islands of Iran, with their most immaculate coasts, and mystical  geological formations one can only witness in a few parts of the world.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Qeshm Island

But there is more, every here and there, you will see mountains and peaks waiting to be conquered, be it in the arid climates of central Iran or the prosperous climate of western and northwestern Iran.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Darak Village in Chabahar

Iran has more than a lot landscapes to charm you! So Is Iran Beautiful?


#3 Hospitality in Iranian Society

When in Iran, you may not experience the best of social welfare and facilities as say in European countries. The internet speed is OK, street may get derailing with traffic, you may not say more than a few international brands of cars or even chain restaurants. People here live a normal life with concerns that may not cross the minds of tourists.

Naghsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan During Nowruz

But instead, you get to meet the most hospitable people in your life. Warm smiles and “hi” is the least a tourist gets in Iran. You may even get invited for a talk over tea by the people and you may be asked questions just so they get to know you better.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Iran Nomads

When in Iran, people make sure you have the best time during your visit, no matter you are among the city people, or villagers and Iran nomads!

Is Iran Beautiful? Abyaneh

Abyaneh Red Village in Isfahan

Yes, nomads and villagers! Iran is the land where you get to visit the most authentic lifestyles of village and nomadic life in the 21st century, and the people are the most pristine version of Iranians.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Qashqai Nomad Woman


#4 Iranian Culinary Delights

As we mentioned earlier, Iran cannot offer you the international chain restaurants and cafes like McDonald’s or Starbucks. But you will be treated with a tasty and exotic (to you) cuisine and beverage specialties of Iran.

Kashan Rose Water Festival

Rose Water Festival of Kashan

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Large portions of meals (Iranians are habituated to large-portioned dishes) mostly made up of steamed rice, stews and kebabs, flavored with special spices, especially Saffron, and nuts is the primary mark of Iranian cuisine. Traditional beverages are there to refresh your soul. But know alcoholic drinks are forbidden, which you may hardly miss when enjoying an Iranian meal.

Iranian Food

Typical Iranian Cuisine


#5 Iranian Handicrafts Define Beauty

Needless to say Iran is world-famous for its prime handicrafts. The Persian rug, for one, has always fascinated the zealous art lovers. But there is more to Persian crafts than visual beauty. Watch a Persian rug being so intricately woven on a loom and you may feel a glimpse of what the glory is about.

Isfahan Handicrafts - Minakari

Mina Kari (Metal Enameling) of Isfahan

Walk in the traditional bazaars of Isfahan and Tabriz, and you can delight in the view of Iranian artisans making art out of sheer metal, earth and wood.

Isfahan Handicraft - Isfahan Rug

Isfahan Rug Shop


#6 So Is Iran Beautiful?

Yes, in so many  different ways ! But this is the judgment of tourists who have shared their experience. And this is an account by an Iranian who believes her country is beyond what the biased media and world politics reflects of it.

lake urmia - Is Iran Beautiful?

Lake Urmia (Photo by @Jo Gill on Pinterest)

Iran is perhaps not a country to offer you the best hospitality service as expected in Switzerland maybe, but it is a country to leave its indelible mark of beauty and antiquity on your memory.

As the great Persian poet, Rumi, puts it

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eyes of one who sees!

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I had never loved my country more before I serendipitously found myself in tourism and took a sharp turn from my soulless job to give in to the magic of my home, Iran!


Javad · March 8, 2021 at 7:08 pm

Mt. Sabalan is located in Ardabil province, which is mistakenly written East Azerbaijan

Emma · April 25, 2022 at 11:52 pm

We all love Iran . you are great.

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