Dolat Abad Garden; A Miracle In The Desert

Dolat Abad Garden: Imagine a hot sandy desert. Sun is up and you can feel the high temperature rays in your every cell. Neither wind nor breeze. Nothing but heat. Are you ready for a miracle to put you at leisure? Are you ready to get cool and relaxed? Dolat Abad Garden (Dowlat Abad Garden) is some where you’re looking for!

Actually A live garden whose roots are in sand and quenches its thirst by the water of Dolat Abad qanat. Before the reading, Let’s Watch this video:

* Dolat Abad Garden, Yazd; address and opening hours are included in the end.


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Dolat Abad garden

Generally, the Persian garden style is a really unique one indeed. UNESCO has listed 9 of the Persian gardens of Iran and Dolat Abad Garden is one of them.


#1 Walking inside a Persian garden

The moment you enter the gate you are astonished with the nature you didn’t expect to see. A manmade waterway with small fountains, walled with tall trees leading you to the pavilion in the middle of the garden.

Dolat Abad Garden -

Photo by @hellondi On Instagram


As you walk down the path you can feel the cool breeze touching your skin and the shade of trees relieving you from the burning sun. We hope that you are feeling better than those heaty moments before entering the Dolat Abad Garden.

However, the wonders are not done with you yet!


#2 The World’s Tallest Wind Catcher

When the great Khan, Mohammad Taghi Khan during Zand era governed Yazd, he ordered to dig a qanat 60 kilometers long and called it Dolat Abad. Qanat’s water was poured into farming lands and its destination was Bagh e Dolat Abad (aka Dolat Abad Garden).

Dolat Abad Garden -

Photo By @mehrnaz___mohammadi on Instagram

Like every other traditional Persian Garden, Dolat Abad Garden also has a pavilion in itself and due to the location of the garden which was a desert the cooling system had to be a wind tower or more poetically put; a wind catcher.

Almost 34 meters long, Dolat Abad’s Badgir (=wind catcher) inhales the warm winds of the air and exhales the cool breeze into the vestibule (the octagonal architecture of the pavilion’s main hall. This eight sides of the building also helped with the air circulation.

A small pond is located in the pavilion to ease the heat as well.


#3 stained-glass windows

The intricate latticework and exquisite stained-glass windows are more delicious if you visit in the afternoon. The colorful sunlight passed through the stained-glass traditionally worked as a bug spray;

Dolat Abad garden - Teshtar,com

Photo by @citymity_com on Instagram

apparently bugs don’t like the colorful lights as we do! But nowadays, it works as a beautiful background for memorable photos.


Dolat Abad garden - Teshtar,com

Inside Architecture – Photo By @kulturkervani_iran On Instagram


Useful Tips:

  • You’d better want to be there in the afternoon to experience the view with the lighting in the night.
  • A humble café with Iranian herbs and drinks can give you a little bit more of Yazdian taste.


Dolat Abad garden opening hours:

8AM–11PM (at holidays, hours might differ)

Dowlat abad garden address:

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