Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Complex is a historical structure located in Amir Chakhmaq square of Yazd city. The complex is the hallmark of Yazd, as the focal point of the old city. It was constructed in the 15th century by the order of the governor of the city,  Amir Jalal-o-din Chakhmaq during the Timurid era.

Amir Chakhmagh Complex comprises of Amir Chakhmagh Mosque, a bath house, a water reservoir, a qanat, tomb of Seti Fatemeh, Zurkhaneh, etc.During history ceremonial gatherings began to take place in the Amir Chakhmaq complex and mostly religious ceremonies like Ashura commemoration.

Amir Chakhmagh Square counts as one of the top Yazd attractions. The Amir Chakhmaq (Amir Chakhmagh complex) address and opening hours are included in the end.


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Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Architecture

The pleasant ambience of the three-storey façade in the end of the square and in the beginning of the bazaar will calm you. Each perfectly proportioned arched alcove captures the copper-colored sunlight.

Photo by @m_yadman on Instagram

Do try to get there in the evening to see the game of lights and bricks. The illuminated fountains add the taste of watery lights to the atmosphere.

The Excitements Of The Complex:

#1 The Nakhl

A symbol. Sacred among people. Resting on the corner. A wooden cypress tree-shaped structure, The Nakhl (= the date palm tree) is used during Ashura commemoration signifying immortality, freedom, and resistance; qualities associated with Imam Hossein, a Shia Imam.

Amir Chakhmaq mosque -

Amir Chakhmagh Yazd Iran – The Nakhl

For a long time, the Nakhl watched people pass by and just look at him and not put him into use. However, after 70 years of solitude locals started to decorate him with black and green shroud for the ceremony he was supposed to attend.

Over 50 strong man raise the Nakhl all at once and constantly carry it in a circle with mournful songs and chants; remembering and honoring the battle of Karbala and more significantly Abbas-ibn-Ali, the flag bearer of the army.

#2 Amir Chakhmaq mosque

The oldest architecture of the Amir Chakhmaq square is the mosque complex dated back to Timurid dynasty as mentioned before. The least changed structure of the mosque has only been renovated a couple of times. The Amir Chakhmaq mosque’s role in the complex was really important since Yazd was and still is a very religious city.

Amir Chakhmaq mosque -

Amir Chakhmaq Complex – Photo by @foroozanjavidi on Instagram

#3 The Wind Towers (BaadGir)

Two surviving wind towers are showing off from roof tops as you stand in the Amir Chakhmaq Complex (Amir Chakhmaq square) and move your head around.

Amir Chakhmaq mosque -

Amir Chakhmaq Iran – The Wind Towers

#4  Yazd water museum

When you go downstairs of an old public bathroom you will face the traditional way of washing and cleaning in old Yazd. Women and men’s statues and even baby ones are all busy washing! It won’t take your time too much but it really does worth paying a visit.

Amir Chakhmaq mosque -

Photo by @irandestination on Instagram

#5 Tomb Of Setti-Fatemeh

If you recall, we mentioned that Amir Jalal-o-din Chakhmaq was the architecture of the Amir Chakhmaq complex and also the ruler of Yazd in Timurid Era. His wife, Setti-Fatemeh also help him during his leadership in Yazd but most importantly in the Amir Chakhmaq complex building.

After she passes, to honor her memory a tomb was built near Amir Chakhmaq square. With 5 wind towers and a windmill dedicated to poor people Setti-Fatemeh continued her good and pure intentions even after her death.


  • Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar confectionary is the best of its kind you can find in Yazd and freshest one. Luckily it is situated in the Amir Chakhmaq square. Make sure to buy Ghottab, Pashmak, and Keik-Yazdi (Yazd cake)!
  • A huge YAZD sign is installed in the square. Take a photo with it as a proof of being in the UNESCO city of Yazd.
  • Preferably don’t choose hot seasons like July or August to be in Amir Chakhmaq, Yazd, Iran. It is a desert city after all.


Amir Chakhmaq Opening Hours and Address

Open 24 hours

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Christine · July 8, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Amir Chakhmaq square is a bustling and fun part of the city, with lots of shops and confectioneries around it! whenever there, don’t forget to visit the Zurkhaneh (Iranian traditional sport) which was really interesting.

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