US sanctions and the future of tourism in Iran

US sanctions against Iran have led many activists in various areas to worry about how sanctions will affect them.‏ Of course, the tourism industry in Iran is not an exception. After the nuclear deal, Iran had a peak in tourism that was not sustainable. And now during the presidency of Donald Trump sanctions against Iran have become harder and that will definitely affect both tourism infrastructure and foreign tourists entrance of Iran.


2016 to 2018: Tourism boom after Iran nuclear deal

In 2013 we took 40 people to Iran; in 2016 we took more than 600said Jonny Bealby, founder of tour operator Wild Frontiers. In 2003, Iran welcomed about 300.000 international visitors and this number increased by the year 2014-15 to 5 million. As the relationship between Iran and west improved from 2015 until Trump’s new sanctions 5 million grew further to 6 million.


2018: Reducing passengers entry in the nowadays tourist situation

As the economic situation gets harder in Iran, Iran phobia for who has not visited Iran yet grows higher; As we should not forget the anti-Iranian media effects. it must be admitted that tourism rates in Iran have decreased by 10 to 20. Still, Iran welcomes guests who, because of the knowledge they have from Iran, are traveling contrary to what they say against Iran.


Forecast of the future

Iran’s government is working to improve the tourism infrastructure so that tourists can have a more comfortable travel. In addition to, we see that the number of medical tourism, especially in the fields of beauty treatments, infertility, etc, continues to grow well because the neighbors know Iran and know that they have good quality services.


Overall the improvement of the tourism situation in Iran is in the interest of the entire society, as each of these tourists becomes a messenger of peace to the world and introduces Iran as a safe country for tourism.


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