Tabriz City [Tabriz Tourism]

Tabriz city is one of the metropolises of Iran and the 3rd biggest city. Tabriz nicknames along with the other reasons show us what is Tabriz famous for. This city in Iran is the largest economic pole in the northwest of the country also Tabriz tourism has so many fans from all over the country. These features along with the unique Tabriz history make it a beautiful resort for both Iranian and foreign travelers. Tabriz tourist information is mentioned at the end.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Tabriz City


General Informations

  • Tabriz Population

    • Tabriz city in Iran, based on 2016 statistics, has the population of over 1.5 million people and is one of the most populated cities in Iran.


  • Tabriz Religion

    • Most of people in Tabriz city are Muslims and Islam is a common religion there but not limited to. however, you can find Armenian, Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian and Assyrian, too and all of them live together in peace


  • Tabriz Economy

    • In terms of economic, commercial and industrial, Tabriz city is one of the important city in Iran
    • heavy machine industry: such as machinery Manufacturing company, Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (that manufacture tractors, automobiles, etc), oil and gas industries, some famous factories in Iran, textile industries are the reasons to respond the question “why is Tabriz city is momentous “. 
    • handicraft industry: which includes carpets and its famous leather are forming some parts of the dynamic economy of this city of Iran. 
    • In terms of tourism industry, Tabriz tourism has been a destination for so many years.


People of Tabriz

where are they originally from?

Tabriz people are originally Iranian; so, why are they speak Turkish and not Farsi? In Tabriz history we can see The Ottoman emperor has been fighting Iran several times and has occasionally won the war. Some of these wars led to the capture of cities like Tabriz. The proximity of people of Tabriz with the Ottoman people, led people to speak Turkish but with their own accent.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism


In a period of Tabriz history we also can see, some Turks were displaced to the northwestern part of Iran such as Tabriz.


Do they have any special tradition?

Tabriz city like any other city has its own custom which you might find it interesting. Among all the beautiful traditions some of them are popular and they’re known in Iran:

Azerbaijani dances: Among all the cultural heritages of Azeri and Turkish, Azerbaijani dances have a great place. They wear special customs with a big woolen hat and dance at weddings or any other ceremonies.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Azerbaijani dances


Mourning ceremonies: Every year in some special Islamic months, Tabriz people hold a unique type of mourning. One of them is that, men only gather at Tabriz Grand Bazaar and display a part of their culture.


What is Tabriz Famous for?

1. Tabriz tourism: Tabriz tourism has lots of natural, historical attractions and “Tabriz Grand Bazaar”, which UNESCO registered it in the World Heritage List, is on top of them.

2. Food: Tabriz tourism is full of new delicious experiences. They are special because Tabriz foods come from their rich culture and you might never find them in any other part of the world.

3. Souvenirs and Handicrafts: ‏ which are famous for their high-quality unique products like carpets and Leather products that it makes it impossible for a traveler to leave Tabriz tourism without any souvenirs.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Tabriz Grand bazaar


Facts about Tabriz city:

Tabriz city in Iran has some interesting facts that cheer every listeners or reader:

The capital of Iran:  shows us that, in different periods of history, Tabriz has been the capital of Iran.

1. Tabriz City nickname: The most important nickname given to the city in Tabriz history is the “city of the firsts” due to the first facilities in Iran such as having the first school for deaf-mute people, first cinema and public library, first kindergarten, the first national tourism, etc.

2. Safest city: Tabriz city in Iran is a city without beggars and is the safest city among Iran cities.

3. Historical Tabriz Grand Bazaar: Tabriz history has an honor in itself that is the largest covered bazaar in the world which UNESCO added it to the World Heritage List in 2010.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Tabriz Grand bazaar


What are the most important events in Tabriz history?

1. being on the Silk road: Tabriz grand bazaar was World Trade Center because it was located on the Silk road which helped Tabriz city and Tabriz tourism, improve economically.

2. Tabriz Rebuilding: Tabriz was destroyed in 4th century AD but after the time that Arabs attacked Iran an Arab man took control of the city. He started to rebuild the beautiful Tabriz by building beautiful mansions.

3. Tabriz role’s in Iranian Constitutional Revolution: Iranian Constitutional Revolution was one of the most important events in Iran’s history and Tabriz played an important role in it by sending fighters like Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan along with thousands of devoted women and men.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism



You must taste these:

1. Kooft-e Tabrizi:‏  is one of the most famous and one of the most delicious food in Tabriz tourism that has many fans from all over the country and it has different types.

2. Bonab Kebab: It’s named after the city of Bonab in the region of Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran and it’s famous for its large size. you shouldn’t miss this if you’re visiting Tabriz tourism

3.Aush-e Dough: it’s an Iranian thick soup that has lots of varieties. Sometimes some parts of Iran have their own types of Aush; in Tabriz city, we have Aush-e Dough which is made of Aush and Iranian beverage “Dough”. If you taste it, you’ll never forget it!

And also so many other things!

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Bonab Kebab


What can I buy as a souvenir?

1. Leather products: You can find leather products in Tabriz with the highest quality and reasonable prices. so many leather manufacturing workshops in Tabriz show that why Tabriz leather products are famous.

2. Tabriz carpets: the reputation of Tabriz carpets is clear for the world and it brought us the title ” World City Carpet ”

3. Toreutics, Persian miniature, etc: are the Persian arts that you can find their workshops and product in there and they are one of the many reasons that attract people in Tabriz tourism.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism

Ghalam Zani




What is the best season to travel to Tabriz city in Iran?

Tabriz climate

Spring: in the beautiful spring of Tabriz city in Iran, you still can feel the winter cold and it’s sometimes starting to snow; thus, don’t forget to take warm clothes!

Summer: in this time of year, Tabriz weather is temperate; so this is the best season to travel and have fun in Tabriz tourism.

Fall: in the fall, you can feel the coldness of the coming winter especially in the last month of autumn. Sometimes long-term rain happens and you should wear your warm clothes.

Winter: it’s extremely cold in winter and heavy snowstorms might make you miserable! If you’re traveling there, you must take all your warm clothes.

Tabriz City - Tabriz Tourism


Tabriz tourist Information:

In what ways I can go to Tabriz?

Tabriz Airport: Tabriz airport is an international airport. Out of the airport taxi station and airline specialist cars are there for passengers who just arrived; in addition to, people can use the special line of the airport-Bazaar bus.

Email:  Tell: +98-41 35260405

Tabriz bus terminal: Tabriz city has two bus terminals called “central” and “northwest” terminals which are the destination of buses and taxis.

Email:   Tell: +98- 41 34796091 or

+98-41  34791177

Tabriz Train Station: it has taxi stations outside of the train station but also you can get use a rapid bus line. For this, you must go to Rah Ahan square which is 5 minutes away from the train station.

Tell: +98-41 3444479

Internal transportation: for transportation in the city you have three choices: bus( include bus rapid transit or the normal one), taxies and metro.‏ With regard to the wide range of urban transport, you can access any part of the city in the blink of an eye!


Where can I get help in Tabriz city?

Tabriz tourist office: If you’re planning to visit Tabriz but you can use a guide, you should contact this Tabriz tourist office or visit website. this is a center for Tabriz tourist information.

Tell: +98 – 35261610    Email:


Let’s share experiences of traveling to Tabriz!

If you haven’t been in Tabriz yet, well you should! You don’t want to travel to Iran and miss all the beautiful historical stuff! If you love traveling and you welcome new experiences and cultures, well, Tabriz city in Iran got a whole package! But if you have been in Tabriz and have visited it, let’s talk about your memory in there. Tell us about it and share it with your friends



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